Thursday, September 11, 2008

The List and TV Talk

There are a few sewing projects I want to get done, but I just haven't gotten around to it.  So I thought I'd make a list.  And I thought posting that list on my blog might motivate me to get a move on.

My Sewing To-Do List:

2 big pillowcases for the bedroom
oven mits
bag for S.
bag for A.
scarf for Magoo
tote for me

And of course, more totes to sell - but that's always on my list.

So here it is.  Now I'm motivated.  Look at me go!

 Actually - I won't be able to do any of these things until next week.  My mother is coming in for a few days for a visit so that will keep me off the sewing machine.  But not off the blog.

Happy Thursday!

PS - Does anyone out there watch America's Next Top Model?  I do.  And I know a few friends do - so maybe on Thursdays I'll post my brief opinions.  Here goes:

I'm liking Elina - the bi-sexual who lip-smacked with Clark.  She seems very easy going, sure of herself, and MAN can she pose!  Lauren (no eyebrows) pulled off a fantastic photo - but we haven't seen too much of her, so I have little opinion of her personally.  Marjorie also takes fantastic photos, but she's so darn awkward and nervous in person - it's very off-putting.  

Hannah - poor Alaskan Hannah.  The girl says she'd rather not talk about people behind their backs because it doesn't give the other person a chance to explain themselves.  Then when the girls call her in to ask her - to her face - if she's prejudice - she totally freaks out.  Sure, she's young and really not with it - but come on - they weren't even being mean.  They were just asking her.

Isis had a rough week.  Bad poses.  Bad face.  Bad photo.

And yippee - skippee blabber-mouth Nikekysha is gone.  But you have to love the editors and their humor, having her ramble on over the credits and even after the screen went black.  That was funny.


sara said...

Guess I gave up on ANTM too soon... maybe I should pick it back up again! I can never remember anyone's names though!

Julie_c said...

Well - at these early stages I usually have to take a peek at the webpage to get their names right.

Jessica said...

I'm bad with names as well, but hear goes.
I'm with you, Elina's one of my faves and I am so glad Nikekysha's gone. I also like Marjorie, although watching awkward people on tv makes me uncomfortable. I'm not really liking Sheena, she's too full of herself and I don't find her very attractive. Too much hooch as well, especially with the bag between her legs! All the blond girls get mixed up in my mind. They are usually so plain and look the same to me. Clark (still can't get over the name) reminds me of Jessica Simpson and is just as slow! I did feel bad for Hannah when everyone ganged up on her. I can see this progressing and being her downfall. I know Isis is all about the shock value for the show, but I think it makes an interesting dynamic. I think they'll keep her around for a while to keep people watching. Sometimes all that cat fighting can be a little much for me!

Those are all the girls I can remember from this week.

sara said...

Since when did you start watching ANTM, Jess? Guess I really do need to get in to it again...

Julie_c said...

I'm alright with Sheena. She does deliver some hooch - but at least she stands out. Only time will tell if I end up liking her or hating her. Right now I'm on the fence.

And I agree - the blondes all blend in. I LOVE the look of the red head , McKey, but I don't think she'll last that long.

(Yeah, Sara, join us. Join us.)