Monday, September 15, 2008

May the Force Be With Us

Saturday afternoon, in a galaxy far, far away, every single boy in the neighborhood had a light saber and they all went at it.

Here, Magoo is giving tips to Grammy on how to kill his buddy D.  Well, maybe just maim.

Magoo took a break from fighting to snap his own photographs.  Here are some of my favorites.

Dad's Mighty Arm:

Zero Gravity Fighting.
Here's a group shot - I think one boy is missing.  I love that, in this game, a three year old feels confident enough to take on a ten year old.

It was a fun afternoon.


äiti said...

Oh how my boys would have loved to be there!!

sara said...

Sigh... N would have been in heaven.... Too bad he was such a little *$&# that afternoon! Boy, did A enjoy himself though! You've got the best spot on the street!

Julie_c said...

Oh - right - that's were N was. I forgot about "the incident". How could I? I just thought he was running about somewhere.

Jessica said...

Oh, light saber madness! Looks like good times!
I'm so happy I got a girl:)
If that three year old is A I'm not surprised! I remember A wacking up the tree in front of my parents house this summer real good with his dollar store saber. I couldn't believe the cheep thing survived!

An incident eh? Can't wait to hear this one!! Do tell Sara.

Julie_c said...

Of course the three year old is A!!!