Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mini Golf - Mini Tiger

Last Friday we took Magoo for his FIRST TIME EVER mini-golf adventure.  

We could sort of tell how things were going to go when he picked out his putter based on color and not appropriate size.

We always let him go first because - as we all know - the waiting is the hardest part.  And, at the beginning, he didn't even want to wait for us to follow up.  And Lord knows there was going to be no time allotted for score keeping (good thing for me.)  This was fast and furious mini golf.

And when the waiting got too hard - there were always the streams.  The glorious, glorious streams.

But there was victory.  You know, that kind of deep satisfaction that is earned from hitting the little blue ball into the hole from half an inch away - where you placed it with your hand.
Ah - that's satisfaction!

I tried to upload a video illustrating his technique - but I guess it was too long.  Blogger kept going - what the ... huh?  And shutting down.

It breaks down like this - Magoo would swing hard and kit the ball.  (Sometimes on the second or third go.)  He'd follow it to wherever it stopped, picked it up, moved it to right in front of the hole, and hit it in.  Then he'd shout "Score!"  

We're not expecting big things in the world of golf for him.  But I think we all had a good time.

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äiti said...

Cam, you play my kind of golf :-)