Thursday, September 25, 2008

Smile With Your Eyes

They haven't uploaded the newest eyes pics from the Top Model site yet - so I went with one of my favorite shoots of the past. There's water. She has eyes. It's good enough.

One of my favorite aspects of this show are the creative ideas for photo shoots and I thought Nigel did a great job last night. But I'll try to take things in order so I'll get back to that.

Runway Workshop.
Um - wear can I get a pair of those bowling high heel shoes? FIERCE!
For the most part - I thought the girls had pretty solid walks. Hannah - no. She was bad. Isis - not as good as she thinks she is - but not horrible. Samantha - with work, she'll improve - but right now - bad.

Fashion Show.
Who was that designer? I think he might rate as the #1 designer I am least likely to wear. I'm all for a dramatic runway show - but is someone seriously supposed to wear a curtain rod - ala' Carol Burnett - out to dinner? She'll knock the waiters over! McKey did work it though. Good for her. And we all saw Samantha - baby did a bad, bad thing. She "stylishly" lifted her dress and flashed the audience. In her defense - I think she she felt her thick tights were kinda like pants so it wasn't much of a show. That said - we all heard the designer SPECIFICALLY tell her NOT to do that. And then she did it! OOOOOOOOO he was mad! And Tyra gave Sammy quite the tongue lashing at panel about it too. Poor Samantha was sobbing so hard I thought she was going to melt away. That's a big confidence booster for her, huh?

But Hannah's walk was just too darn awkward to do anything about. So they "SHOOK UP" the show and gave her the boot right then and there. She had to "pick up her beans" and go. But - to me, the viewer - this didn't feel like that much of a shake up. Maybe it was in the editing but I didn't care. Lose one early - big whoop!

So I started thinking - what would be a better Top Model shake up? Bring back the ones already booted and let them toss one? Maybe. I kind of like the idea of maybe the bottom 2 or 3 girls only get 5 shots at their photo shoot - let's draw out the pain a little. Or maybe the bottom two have to have a walk-off like on Zoolander! Maybe there were just too many girls and the producers told Tyra they had to cut a week short to make room for some sports even or something. Who knows!

Photo shoot.
I loved the idea. I thought it was very moody with the fog and I love the reflections. I didn't need to see QUITE so many casual pics of Tyra on vacation though.

Yeah to Annaleigh who finally showed a little something-something and came up with a good pose. And with a hair bagel on her head too! Lauren Brie had my favorite photo with her arms up in a swanish pose. Clark's flirting got her top prize this week - but I still don't like that dark hair. Actually, most of the shots were pretty good.

Elina belly flopped big time. But she is RIPE for a break-down. I think in the next few epiosdes her world is going to crumble under the pressure and she'll either completely fade away or rise from the ashes - which Tyra would LOVE!

But it was Strike Three for Isis and penis issues. I think Paulina hit the nail on the head when she said Isis was trying so hard to fit into the world of girls that she was afraid to stand out. I mean - okay, you don't want your junk hanging out - but it was a head and arms shoot! No one was looking down there anyway!

I should have known she was a goner when the cameras caught her in the kitchen telling her friends, "I'm not going anywhere."

Sorry Isis, but, yeah ya are.


Jessica said...

They're really slagging behind over there at the top model sight.

I was sad to see Isis go, I think she could have really brought something different to the show.
Elina was a real let down. Did last weeks shoot go to her head?
Poor Sam. When a designer says "don't model like that" he doesn't mean go out on the catwalk and pull up my dress some more!! I did think the guy was a little over dramatic about the whole thing though!
Clarks only saving grace was that her weird nose was under water!
Annaleigh is like the Little Engine that Could, I think I can... I know I can!
I'm glad you picked up on the "bean" thing as well. Too funny!!
Sheena has really faded into the background and there is no photo of her in the portfolio page on the web site? Strange!

Once again, great review Julie! I can't wait till next week!

Julie_c said...

I think the designer was a little hard on Samantha too. Dude - if your clothes have a sense of humor, shouldn't you have one too?
It was a point to be made - but let's not crucify the girl.