Sunday, September 21, 2008

Three Villages Bike Race

Saturday - my husband, Michael, rode in the Three Villages Bike Race in Baltic, CT.  It was a pretty nice day for a bike race.  Dry, sunny, cool.  I'd say the only thing about this race and I didn't like was that it wasn't a closed course.  These guys had to race alongside traffic!  While Magoo and I were driving in we saw one ambulance on the road with a cyclist and another at the start/finish point - and this last dude clearly ate some pavement.  Yeesh!

Up top you have the entire group racing in category 5.  Within Cat. 5 there are three subgroups that leave at different times, five minutes apart.

Here's my hubby's group leaving.  He's wearing the yellow and green jersey with the X on the sleeve and back. #67.

Just as Michael is about to take off, Magoo starts crying.  At first I couldn't figure out what was wrong because - as I'm sure you know - they don't enunciate well through sobs.  But finally I caught it.  "I want Daddy to win," he said.  The poor boy was so emotional for his father.  I told him "Daddy isn't really racing to win.  he's racing to have fun."  I don't know if he bought it.

The race was two 10-mile loops.  In other words - there was a ten mile loop that they went around twice.  Because there were so many groups, there was no way for me to really know when Michael would be coming around again.  I snapped this pic just because I wanted to get some racing shots and lucky for me - Michael was in it.  Can you find him?

Between each loop was about a 25 minute wait for Magoo and me.  We had a picnic and I brought some toys and we did well enough with it.

As soon as racers started coming around for the finish, I was on my feet to catch Michael.  Sure enough, he came around the corner.  (He's second in the shot.)

I tried to get a shot of him right at the finish line but my camera is not the greatest and it couldn't focus fast enough.

Magoo and I were very proud of Michael.  I think he did a great job!  He certainly was tired at the end of it but I think he had a pretty good time.


Jessica said...

Ooh, look at those legs;)
Old Lancey boy better watch out, he's got some good competition!!

Now do you watch the Tour de France at your house? It is the only sporting event that I really get into. It amazes me that the human body can get up every day for 21 days and climb those mountains. Well that, and seeing all those hunky European men in tight shorts and the French landscape!!

Phantom Admin said...

i don't think lance has anything to worry about from my group: Cat 5, 40+.

The course featured two climbs, one long and gradual, and the other short and *steep*. The second one was the killer, especially on the second lap.

Second time around, there was a crash right in front of me. Two guys touched wheels or something, and boom! they went down. The sound was sickening--like someone hitting a side of beef with a baseball bat, as the bodies hit the tarmac.

Unofficially, I finished the course in 56:39, (~21mph avg, 15th place). As far as the official time, I am not listed as finishing at all, so I've been contacting the race promoter about that. Same with my pal who raced too; he finished about 2 minutes after me but is also not listed anywhere on the results page. So that is a little disappointing.

John P. said...

anything over 20mph in your advanced stage of life is flying! kidding. Nice Job and keep racing, maybe next year we'll do a race together somewhere. They have a big stage race up in Vermont in late August I hear is cool.