Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Two Bags

Cross two more things off the sewing list!  (I love this list.)  I finished the bags for Big S and Little A.  (I really hope S doesn't read this blog - I don't think she does.)

My friend, Staci, is having her second baby in December.  I wanted to make her a diaper bag alllllll summer long - but I just didn't have the time b/c it's a little bit more complicated of a bag design than a simple tote.  I put two side pockets in for drinks for both kids and pockets inside for diapers.  Anyway - I'll get into the details later.

I wanted to make a matching bag for little A.  She will be four when the new baby comes.  And I know A likes dolls, so I thought this could be her diaper bag for her dolls.

Little A likes green.  So I lined hers with green and put a pocket on front.  

This is Momma's bag.  The front flat pocket would be perfect for a changing pad and - like I said above - there are two side pockets for bottles and sippy cups.

I put in a magnetic snap and lined it with blue.  There are three pockets inside - 2 long deep ones for diapers and 1 smaller one for whatever.

All the fabric I used was from that AWESOME tag sale where I bought bolts of fabric for $5/bolt.  You'll be seeing these fabrics again and again.  But I love the blue floral and it's canvas weight - so it's perfect for bags.  I'm really pleased with how these turned out.  I hope S and A are too.


Lilith said...

They look great :)
I'm sure they'll both really enjoy using them.

äiti said...

These are beautiful. I hope Little A loves her bag---it is so special :-)

I recognize that blue fabric---love seeing the same materials used in different items.

Jessica said...

So sweet! Great fabric, and the A on the smaller bag is adorable!
I am sure S&A will love them!!

sara said...

Drat! I thought the "S" was for Sara and the "A" for Andrew. :(
I love them!