Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tyra's Community Players Present ...

Snow White, THEN, The Wizard of Oz!!!

Does anyone else wonder what goes on in those production meetings?  

Producer: Okay everyone.  It's make-over week.  What can we do to make this one a little different?

Tyra : I know!  I can be Snow White and Miss Jay can be the hag/witch and give me an apple and I'll eat it and then Mr. Jay can come out as Prince Couturier and kiss me and whisk me away.  Then, later, I'll be Glenda the Good Witch and tell the audience about the girls' make-overs!  It'll be fierce.

Producer: Uh, well - that seems a little campy and besides, Glenda is in the Wizard of Oz not ---

Tyra:  I said, IT WILL BE FIERCE!

Makes you wonder why Ms. Banks doesn't get more acting roles, doesn't it?

Anyway - as always some of the make-overs were great.  I loved the red curls on Elina - even if she didn't.  She won second prize in the cry awards!!  First prize went to Samantha who I didn't even know existed until she got that extreme cut and now stands out.  So well done there too.

I hated Clarke's dark 'do.  I don't think that works for her at all.  But I don't like her anyway. And Hannah got the white girl Tootie.  Jeepers to those bangs.  But I have to give her credit for doing a pretty cute and lucid job on the quickie Cover Girl ad.  (BTW - I just jumped over to both the Cover Girl site and Walmart and I couldn't find Hannah anywhere so Great Prize ANTM!)

There were a lot of make-overs that i thought didn't make much of a difference: Lauren is still very blonde.  Annaleigh still has long, brown wavy locks.  I guess if it ain't broke, right?

How many of you called either Brittany or Annaleigh for getting the boot when you saw how many interviews that were doing with them this episode?  It's always one of the interview girls.

Now let's just take a minute to talk about Elina - who seems VERY interesting if not wholly in a mentally healthy way.  I liked her right away.  She seemed calm and confident.  Turns out - the confidence - not so much.  But what's with all the mother hating?  It's one thing if you hate your mother, but you do know you're on TV saying you hate your mother, right?  And I sort of give her some props for trying to open up - but on the other hand - I'm not sure what kind of response she was expecting to get.  Tyra would love this kind of juicy insight into Elina - she would love to analyze her and bring her to tears over the true issue.  But I'm pretty sure the good folks at Cover Girl are thinking - Uh, Cover Girls don't hate their Momma!  

But she rocked the photo shoot so we'll get to see a few layers of the Elina onion peeled away next week.

Most of the photos were good.  Some unremarkable.  I don't like Paulina's bangs.  And did you see how they cut to Nigel's horn-dog face when Tyra was talking about Lauren's booty.  I love the editors! 



sara said...

boo hiss! Sounds like I missed a classic! It was so boring last season (no make over tears) that I decided to give up on it.... arg!

Jessica said...

Ooh, great review Julie!!
I missed the first 15 min. so I didn't see Samantha's tantrum, but I love her new look. I think it was the best and most dramatic make-over, next to Elina. I wasn't so sure about Elina at first but it grew on me. I like her hair best when it's good and curly.

I didn't like Clarks new hair either. I think she looked terrible in this weeks photo. Something about her face just wasn't right.

I like Marjorie as a brunette, it's a little more sophisticated. I'm not crazy about McKey, I think she has a yucky cockiness about her, but her new hair looks good.

Sheena looks the same, but she didn't bug me this week. Hannah is a little too cutesy now and what was with the weirdo eyes? Isis seems less confidant and her poses are kind of awkward. I can't shake the drag queen thing when I look at her photos. Her feet are too manly!

When Brittany was doing the Cover Girl shoot she had an unattractive crooked smile. Not model material.

Yes, this whole Elina thing is very interesting. She seems to have a much higher maturity level than most of the girls. Maybe she had a terrible upbringing and had to grow up faster than most. Maybe that's where the mother hate comes in.

It was a good week, can't wait to see how they play it next time!