Monday, September 29, 2008

A Weekend in the Kitchen

It as a dreary, rainy weekend - a good time to get some things done in the kitchen. For starters, my husband did a top-notch cleaning job in there. But it wasn't long before I messed it up again. We could keep a college kid employed in a part-time job just in doing dishes.

I started Saturday morning around 11:00 with the making of tomato sauce - based on the SouleMama recipe here. But here's a tip I learned about peeling tomatoes - and maybe you already know - but I had never done this before so it's new and exciting to me. If you boil some water and dip your tomato in there for 15-30 second - the skin loosens and it peels right off. So easy. The first tomato I tried to peel with a peeler - what a mess!

So I got started on the fresh sauce.

By mid-afternoon it was time to make bread. I found a recipe for bruschetta and I LOVE bruschetta - so I wanted to try that out. But I have to make a loaf of gluten-free, yeast-free bread first. So - around 3:00pm it was bread-making time.

I also had to make a sesame marinade for the chicken. I just threw this togehter with some sesame oil, olive oil, toasted sesame seeds, salt and a bit of lemon juice. I just wanted to give it some flavor and I was tired of making the other marinade that we always use. So that was done and settling.

When the bread came out I let that sit for a moment while I mixed the topping for the bruschetta.

The topping consisted of tomatoes, red onion, garlic, fresh basil, and salt heated up in the skillet (w/ olive oil) for a bit - just enough to let the flavors melt into one another. Then I removed it from the heat and tossed in about a teaspoon of lemon juice.

After slicing the bread and giving it a light toast in the oven (and a touch of a broil) I put the topping on.

It turned out good. Here's the whole meal - the sesame chicken, bruschetta and some steamed broccoli. Mmmmmm. (Magoo even ate the broccoli!)

One of the reasons I made the pasta sauce on Saturday was to use it in chili on Sunday. I did it in the slow cooker so my dinner prep was at 9am on Sunday. I browned the chicken (we don't eat a lot of beef) and plopped that into the slow cooker with 1 can of sauce, chopped onion and chopped green pepper, 3 chopped tomatoes, 1 can of kidney beans, 1 can of black beans, garlic (of course) and seasonings. That cooked about 7 hours.

I used the rest of the loaf of bread for garlic bread.

I forgot to take a picture - but Magoo ate it all down!

I also made some soynut butter cookies yesterday for the week.

Some days I just don't feel like cooking at all. Bit I think I made up for it this weekend.


äiti said...

Everything looks and sounds so yummy!

Jessica said...

Wow, you go Julie!!
I can't remember the last time I had that much time or energy for all that goodness making. Oh well, maybe in a few years:)

It all looks so delicious. We love Brushetta as well!

sara said...

Well, well, well... who's Martha now!?!?!?!?! I'm impressed! LOVE Bruchetta! Yum. It's one of Scott's favorites! There's nothing better than cooking on a yucky rainy day! Especially when you're making something hearty like tomato sauce... or sesame chicken (which looks Yum-o!)
See you tomorrow - bright and early!