Monday, October 20, 2008

Abstract Collage

These are three collage pieces I did last week for the upcoming show.



Sticks and Stones

I like abstract, but I don't usually do it.  It's always difficult - for me - to start a piece and not really know what it's supposed to be.  It's purely based on aesthetic and composition.  It's not how I usually work.  But I'm all about expanding myself and I'd been wanting to give it a try so I bit the bullet and did it.

The first one - Drops - was the most difficult.  I got started but nothing seemed right so I basically ripped off ideas from the collages I did for my bathroom months ago.  I just needed a little guidance.  Rectangles (don't you love my edgy titles?) came together more easily.  I knew the color combination I wanted to use and that made it easier.  I love blues and browns together!

Sticks and Stones simply evolved on it's own.  That was not my intention at all when I got started.  I had tried to just work with circles but it wasn't quite right.  And I loved the lacey paper I used on the top so I let that guide me.  Then I got to the ovals and stacked them like stones.  And nothing seemed to work next to them so I thought I'd break up the color block and the idea of thin lines came to me.  They looked like sticks and the title came from that.

These actually look quite nice in their white mats and black frames.  This is something very new to me and my usual collection of art.  I'll be curious to see if they sell.  

They're small - each one is about 7" X 9" and they're in 11" x 14" frames.  So I shouldn't have to price them too high.


sara said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE drops! Very Matisse (one of my favorite artists!)

Your talents never cease to amaze and inspire me!

äiti said...

Drops is my favorite too (though I like all of them). It's interesting that that is the one you found most challenging :-)

Jessica said...

I like Drops as well. Sticks and stones has a really good feeling of balance and seems a little more organic.

I struggled with subject matter and composition for a while and once I let go of the notion that it had to be something I started making some really great stuff.
I work in a very organic way and allow the process and materials guide me. I try and let go of a finished idea and just take it step by step allowing each step to influence the next. If I'm not happy with it, I'll put it away and look at it later. Often I'll feel different when I go back to it.

Do you ever just play around with your collages never intending to make work for a purpose?

I really like the work you make and it's interesting to see you trying something new that's outside of your comfort zone.

Julie_c said...

Jessica - I really enjoyed making these so maybe when things quiet down a bit I will just trying playing with ideas rather than trying to "produce" sellable art.

Thanks for sharing your process.

And Shirl - I think one of the reasons Drops was the most difficult was because it was the first. If I keep it up I bet things will flow more easily.