Thursday, October 9, 2008

And The Fiercee Goes to...

Tyra Banks! It was another episode where Tyra didn't have a lot going on in her life and she needed to be on camera much of the time. I think she really wants to be in a Broadway musical. The girl can't help from prancing around and singing. What was with that live action Tyra mail? Whatever.

For starters, I couldn't tell who was in the fire early on. They've gotten down to few enough girls that they try to interview everyone so I had no idea who was leaving until the end.

Seems to me the girls were harshing on Laurne Brie a little bit. And then they cut to L.B. in the "confessional" sobbing about her lost confidence. That pretty much made me think she was going to be fine. It's the cocky ones that usually get cut.

But I want to give some props to a very good exercise for the girls this week. Tyra was working on them with their "signature poses" - they're necks, shoulders, hands. She'd have them take about 10 shots and have the girls come back to the monitor and look at what they were doing, point out the issues. Then the girls would do 10 more frames with coaching. This is actually a really good way for them to learn. Too often I think they are shoved in front of the camera and then criticized for not being able to find their light or not knowing their angles. How on earth should they just instinctively know that stuff!? So it was nice to see them actually get a lesson.

Marjorie - who the editors made less annoying this week - won. She got a NICE prize too. She and Annaliegh got to go to the diamond store and pick out jewelry. See, if I was on that show, my goal would be to be nice to everyone so they'd pick me to go on their challenge wins with them. I could be the America's Next Top Model's Mooching Friend!

But since I'm on Marjorie - I have to give credit where credit is due. The photo shoot was A Night at the Fiercees, and all the girls had to model different red carpet scenes of embarrasment. Marjorie's task was to be a girl who couldn't pee b/c her dress was too awkward. They walked that girl - in her head wrap and evening gown - into a bathroom stall and she had to pose over a toilet. SHE DID A GREAT JOB. She conveyed the need to pee but she was - in fact - fierce. Hats off - you nervous little French fry - hats off to you.

Could you see that Mr. Jay was so grossed out to be in a bathroom?

Mr. Jay had another nice moment as Elian's personal on-set Shrink as he tried to get her to let go. I thought she did a pretty good job - but the judges were only ho-hum about the pick. I guess she wasn't ugly-pretty enough for them.

And speaking of the judges - WHAT WAS PAULINA WEARING? She - as always - is just stunning - but the dress - the hideous Barbie doll collection from 1982 dress - UG! And Tyra was all mini dress from the hood. Who dressed these people? No Fiercee for you!

In the end, Lauren Brie fumbled her "trip up the stairs" photo beyond repair and she was sent packing. But really it was the even more brutal crime of not having a strong personality that sent her home. But, she assured us as she was packing up, all her friends think that she is really fun.

I guess that's what putting her in my top 3 does - gets her the boot. Sorry L.B.


Jessica said...

Now for some silly reason ANTM was not on our TV last night, so I can't comment today. For some silly reason it is on tonight along with other shows I watch which also have to compete with the opening night of hockey!! This really fries my noodle!!!!

I'm not surprised Lauren Brie got the ax. Hopefully I'll have more to say tomorrow.

Julie_c said...

I HATE when local broadcasting messes with my schedule! GRRRRR.