Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Back to Work

Days pass and quick enough it will be time for my show in Hartford.  The theme for the gallery show is SERIOUS FUN.  All the exhibitors are invited to show a piece with that theme in the main gallery downstairs.

This is my collage: SERIOUS CIRCUS

The nice thing about what I do, my style of collage, is that most of the artists at this show are "serious" artists.  They do serious art about serious subject matter.  I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.  And that's cool.  But apart from a brief period in college when I when I felt that good art dealt with serious subject matter - I'm just not that much of a downer.  I like colors and happier things.

So this will stand out.  And when they see my stuff in the hallway upstairs - they will recognize the style.  That doesn't mean they will buy anything - but being recognized is good.

I chose a circus because I wanted to pick something that was fun - obviously - but also something that we adults know a lot of work goes into.  I was thinking about puppet shows and plays.  The kids just have a good time but all the adults behind the scenes have bust their guts preparing for this.  That sort of thing.  The fun is on the surface.  There's just an understanding about the serious part.

Also - I drew inspiration from one of my childhood drawings.    This is a parade going over a hill which I drew when I was 5 1/2.  I love the details of my little imagination - so I tried to capture some of that.
So much work to do.  On my list today: print up some cards, make an abstract collage, start plotting out a new story.

Better get to work.


äiti said...

Hey---new pic! Nice :-)

I love the drawing you did as a child. Thanks for sharing that.

Jessica said...

I'm so glad to see that you kept your wonderful imagination!!

I think serious art is meant to stir up emotions in the viewer, whether it's a landscape or a portrait or a scene at the circus. Many people take themselves far to seriously in their art work, and I find it so refreshing when I see fun and upbeat work such as your collage. People of all ages will feel many different emotions when they look at your circus! I dig your style!!

Jessica said...

Great new profile photo BTW!

sara said...

Boy, the new profile photo went up quick. Was that one of the ones I game my stamp of approval to ;)

Julie_c said...

Yes Sara - that's one of the pics Bill took. I cropped the hand out. No need for that silly hand anyway!

I'll probably update my Facebook page soon too. I'm just too busy!