Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Birthday Bash

Sunday was my 37th birthday.  I can't imagine how I got to be 37.  I don't feel that old.  I feel closer to 27.  So let's just say it was my 27th birthday.  Okay?  Please!

Anyway, on my birthday eve, I had a small gathering of gal pals over to have some dessert and play a game I made.

Every lady brought a dessert so we had a buffet.  Let's see, what do we have here?

A chocolate mousse cake, some coconut ice cream, fruit tart, two-bite brownie, lemon cookie, and a pudding tart.

Since I don't eat sugar, I wasn't exactly sure how well my system was going to handle this.  But I was going to risk it!

Then we played my game, The Game of Love.

The goal of The Game of Love is to move around the board and pick up men.  When you have a few, then you start picking up situation cards.  Your goal is to get married to a guy you like.  The fun of the game is going through all the guy cards and reading their bios.  Just like in real life - there are way more guys NOT to your liking, so it can be a challenge to find someone you enjoy.

This is the third edition of the Game of Love.  I made the first edition when I was in college.  Most of the hot guys were in their mid-twenties then.  The second version took place in Chicago.  I was still in my lower 20's - so the guys were too.  Then I dug this game out of the closet last year and all the good guys were way younger than I was so I decided to redesigned it.  New board layout and new cards.

Michael also enjoyed listened to the hens laugh at the bios since he helped write a few of them.

It was a very nice party and thank you to those who came to celebrate with me.


Jessica said...

Happy Birthday Julie!!
You are a very youthful lady!!

Those desserts look yummy, I hope you survived all that sugar!

That game is a riot! You should totally market it, I'm sure women everywhere would love playing it. I want to play it!! You could make one for every generation of women. There could even be one for Cougars;)

Shelley said...

Happy Birthday! I love the game, and hey, 37 is quite young. Just think, we're all supposed to live until we're what? 120? You're not even halfway there. Not even close.

You're having fun and following your dreams, must feel like 37 is going to be an awesome year. Hope it is!

sara said...

You totally have to market the game! It is TOOO much fun!
Thanks for a fun party! Always great to get together with the Dames. Should have brought more Asti. Then we would have REALLY been cackling!

Julie_c said...

Ah Sara - you're such a lush!

Joan said...

Happy birthday, Julie!!

Natalie said...

Sending you happy birthday wishes, Julie!

(from your 41(ouch!)-year-old friend, Natalie)