Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Couple Pieces for the Art Show

This week I am busy, busy, busy preparing a dummy book to take into NY for a visit with my editor so I will show you a couple more pieces for the November show that I have completed.

Planet V - collage
I never know what's going to sell - but I like to make planets. I called it Planet V because Magoo likes to say "V" a lot. He incorporates it into other words like "explode" is "v-splode" and if he wants me to pause a movie, he'll say, "Can you v-pause it?" It's like his fo'shizzle. We have a Snoop Dog in the house!

And here's the companion goldfish piece.

I don't imagine one person will buy both of them - but I did make them the same size and framed them in identical frames so that's an option. They'll look nice hanging anyway.

Okay - back to work for me. Happy Wednesday everyone!


äiti said...


You're a busy little bee aren't you...

Jessica said...

Those are both really vvvelightful!!:)

I have to tell you that the song from yesterday has been playing in my head all day! I sang it to Franny at breakfast and she looked at me like I was crazy!

Julie_c said...

You are crazy - aren't you?
Sara says you are.

sara said...

HEY!!!! Don't go putting words in my mouth.....