Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Day Trip to New York

5:00am - wake up. Cab is scheduled for 6am. Ready by 5:45 - just in case it's early.

6:00am - It's not early.

6:03am - Where's that friggin' cab.

6:05am - cab arrives

6:30am - board Peter Pan bus (I travel in style!) to New York due to arrive at 9:30 in Port Authority. I have a seat to myself. Yeah! I begin to read Twilight by Stephanie Meyers.

6:45am - stop in New Britain, CT to pick up passengers. There are many seats on the bus to choose from. Someone chooses the seat next to me. Booo.

8:30am - I need to pee. But in order to pee I have to ask this person next to me to move. No one else has used the abthroom. Is there even a bathroom on this bus? Yes - it looks like there is. Hmmm. Maybe I can hold it?

8:45am - I really need to pee. And If I don't use this bathroom, then I'll either have to hold it until I get to Viking at which point I'll have to excuse myself IMMEDIATELY to pee or I can use a bathroom in Port Authority and does one really want to do that? No, one does not. I ask to be excused and make my way to the back.

8:47am - ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

8:50am - that wasn't so bad, was it?

9:30am - Supposed to be in Port Authority by now. NOT in Port Authority. It's rough driving a bus through Manhattan. But it's good to see the city so I pause in Twilight - I think I'm on page 175.

10:00am - arrive in Port Authority. Find #1 Subway Downtown. Teh train takes a while to come at which point I am free to soak in all the people and what they are wearing. I am always sort of amazed that more people don't fall/get pushed into the subway recession that holds the tracks. I try to picture what a mess my clothes would be if I fell down there and figure I could quickly buy a new outfit before my meeting. This is how my mind works. Train comes and I ride it.

10:25am - arrive at Viking. Chat with receptionist about crochet. She's very excited about it.

10:35am - meet with editor, go through dummy book and discuss other ideas. This is a good discussion and since we have met before, we are both more confortable with each other. I think when editors and author/artists meet for the first time a lot of time is spent on figuring out the other person. She might think, "How can I express my criticisms in a way that won't offend her?" And I am thinking, "I hope she likes me - I want to do more books!" Now that she knows I am pretty open to suggestions and are not easily offended - we can communicate a little easier.

12:35pm - lunch at Italian place around the corner and discuss story ideas. I had a crabmeat salad. Mmmmmm. They had a yummy dessert menu but everythign was SO VERY DAIRY that I decided to stay on the straight and narrow. I was a cheap date.

2:00pm - back on the #1 Uptown to Times Square. Go above ground to find a gift shop to QUICKLY buy a gift for Magoo. I get a Superman T-shirt for $20. I know - $20! But I was in a rush and I didn't want to come home empty handed. I figured I didn't have to pay for lunch so it evens out. That said - I did buy it big so he can get a few years of wear out of it and it is a Superman shirt so he will want to wear it a lot.

2:30pm - get in line for 2:45 bus back to Hartford - crowded!!! Some terdball skater guy was clearly cutting in line but no one said anything. I don't think any of us were from New York and didn't want a hassle. Still - I cursed him out with my mind!!

When I got on I sat right in the front - BIG MISTAKE - over the tires.

2:45pm - bus departs and I don't feel so good. Bumpity, bumpity. Hard to read my book - my head is throbbing. My body feels ever so slightly nauseaus. I just try to concentrate on breathing so I don't hurl. By 4:45 we arrive in New Haven to drop some people off and some fresh air comes whooshing on. That was much better. My headache calms down and for the final hour of the journey I can ready again.

5:45pm - arrive back in Hartford and get picked up by Mike and Magoo. Eat homemade cauliflower soup. (Recipe tomorrow.)

It was a good meeting with my editor. We really picked apart the dummy book and talked about where it was too busy and how to simplify and work on the pacing. I think many people would be surprised at how much work goes into making a successful picture book. They seem so very simple. But that simplicity is what is widdled down from a huge knotty tree of ideas and ways to express them.

So I have a ton of work in front of me - but when you have a direction to go - it makes it all the more fun.


Jessica said...

It's so great that there are talented people like you who go through that process to make fantastic picture books for people like Frances (and her mom!)!!
Can't wait to find out about your new book (still waiting for your other book to be released!)

Your travel tales are very amusing, I understand just how you felt needing to use the restroom while having a person in your way. Don't you just hate when that happens!!

sara said...

Yea! I'm glad your trip was a success. Too bad you didn't have more time to look around!

What do you think of the book? (Jess, this is the Vampire one I left for you!)

Julie_c said...

I'm loving it - just as I suspected. I just put it down after a 20 minute reading indulgence break. I wish I had time to read all afternoon!

Jessica said...

I thought that book sounded familiar when Julie mentioned it.
I still haven't found the time to sit down and get into it. My books to read pile just keeps growing!!

äiti said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your travelogue.

I've been shutting off screens here lately, so didn't read it till a few days after you posted. Hence the late comment :-)

Imagine how your tummy would have been roiling more had you had a dairy-full dessert?!?