Monday, October 27, 2008

Karate Graduation

On Saturday, Magoo attended his karate graduation from white belt to yellow belt.  Three other students were moving up too.  Normally, parents have to sit in the lobby, but today we were allowed to come into the dojo and take pictures.  You know I was all over that.

(For some reason these pics are not in the order I put them in.  So we'll start at the end.)
Here's Magoo with his certificate and his bright, new yellow belt.

Magoo and his group practicing front punches.  (He's the one in the middle.)

Working on his blocks.

And the best parts - the action clips!

Look at that mighty kick!

Magoo did a great job and his father and I are very, very proud of him.


sara said...

WOW! I totally forgot to congratulate him on Saturday! What an exciting day! I love the video of him knocking over the teacher (with his big kick!) Go Magoo!

Jessica said...

Congratulations Magoo!!!!!
That kid is going to be one stealthy ninja when he gets bigger!