Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Pickin' was Good

It was a gorgeous New England weekend and on Sunday our family of three went apple picking.

Well, we started out with a hayride that lead into the orchards (at Rose's Berry Farm in South Glastonbury) and stopped for the corn maze...

and the pumpkin patch.
We actually went through the corn maze twice.  Beginning to end and then end to beginning.  I think we made a lot of right choices the first time through so it didn't take long to find the end. There's no fun in that, right?

It wasn't that big of a pumpkin patch, but Magoo found a beautiful one right away.

After went went back down, it was time for apple picking.  I am determined to make an apple pie - but I haven't quite found the time.  Maybe tonight?

The trees were pretty picked over at Magoo's height - so he needed a little help to get some good ones.

It didn't take long to fill a bag.  Here's Magoo with a beauty.


Jessica said...

I can't believe you went apple picking in t-shirts. It's the same as Sara's gang!! I was wearing a wool sweater when we went up here in Canada!! Incidentally, is that the Superman shirt on Magoo from your New York trip?

Beautiful pumpkin, beautiful apple and beautiful photo with the tree reflection!

Can't beat apple picking!:)

äiti said...

Looks like a quintessential (Southern:-) New England fall afternoon.

Love the t-shirt!

Julie_c said...

Yes - Magoo as Superman!