Thursday, October 30, 2008

They Weren't Ready For Her Jelly

Her body's too Hooch-i-licious for them.

Actually -it wasn't an extreme hoochified shot that got Sheena the boot.  In all fairness, the competition is just getting really, really tight now and "good" just isn't gonna get it done.  You have to really shine and quite frankly, I'm impressed she made it this far.

But let's begin at the beginning, shall we?

The group of 6 girls arrived in Amsterdam and they were immediately tasked with finding their own digs.  They had to pair up and in a bizarro instant - Elina grabbed Samantha's arm.  What the ---  huh?  I think Samantha was probably thinking the same exact thing.  'Don't you hate me?'  She didn't say it, but you could tell she was thinking it.  

But they worked well together - those two - and they ended up finding the place first and winning 25 extra frames a piece.  Friends Forever, right? HA!

Then while Samantha, Sheena and McKey were trying to get some sleep, Marjorie, AnnaLeigh and Elina decided to take a girlie bath together.  I believe it was McKey who called it, "a Va-jay-jay shaving party" - although, if it was in fact that, they edited that part out to use for bachelor parties for the crew.  I don't think the trying-to-sleep girls would have minding so much but the the bubble triplets were being quite loud with all their giggles and such and the other three were - well - trying to sleep. A wee bit rude, I might say.

Then it was challenge time. For some reason, the fashion designers in Amsterdam have some project where they go into the brothels of the red light district and show their fashions off in the window instead of sex.  Okedokee.  The girls paired off again: Sheena and Marjorie.  Annaleigh and Elina.  Samantha and McKey.  They each had different designers and different attitudes.  For example - McKey and Samantha were dressed like, I don't know, definitely more normal clothes that the others and they were supposed to be like dolls in a doll house.  So the girls would hit 5 second poses and hold them, then switch.  They worked well together and eventually won.  Marjorie rocked it, but Sheena was too hooch.  And Annaleigh kept getting stuck in the window decoration although Elina did a good job.     

So McKey and Samantha won a return trip to Amsterdam to participate in a runway show.  Not too shabby.

As soon as they got back to the house Samantha and Elina got into it again over prostitution.  Elina has no problem with it but Samantha was trying to ask how could it be respectable.  As far as I can tell it breaks down like this.  Samantha has a question and instead of answering that question Elina accuses her of being small minded and then they fight.  I don't have a problem with legalized prostitution either but I think I could have answered Samantha's question in a way that would have showed my viewpoint and allowed her to have her own.  Elina just freaks out over the smallest little thing.  You'd think a girl that was so freakin' "controlled" on film might be able to deal with her own issues in the house a little bit better.  Any charm Elina once held for me is fading fast.  

This week's photo shoot was on the water on a big ol' yacht.  McKey was determined to get best pic this week and - god bless her - she surely did.  Her legs went on for miles and miles.  Actually, I thought most of the photos were good.  Both McKey and AnnaLeigh seem to be breaking out of their shells more and more each week.  Even Sheena gave a good face - softer and prettier than usual - but the body was dead.  And that's why she went home.

Couple things:
1. Does anyone else think that AnnaLeigh's face looks like a cocker spaniel?
2. We don't hear a lot from McKey.  I'm getting the impression that she's kind of dim.
3. Would someone PLEASE get Marjorie a charm class!  If she weren't so gosh darn awkward in person I think she could win it all.  Well - her commercial did blow too - didn't it?

Next week are the go-sees.  That is always entertaining.


Jessica said...

Cocker spaniel, good call. I think the hair might add to it as well.

I think you hit the nail on the head about McKey. For some reason I just couldn't like her, she's pretty and all, tall, takes a great photo but it's that dim personality that kills her for me. What was with the chain mail outfit?

Marjorie's awkward act and posing is growing a little old for me.

Elaina, oh Elaina for someone who thinks of them self as so mature, she sure acts like a child. That girl has some ugly issues and I don't think she's the right lady for the job.

If Samantha could get over that bubbly mainstream commercial look I think she could have a good chance. That frickin word that spews out of her mouth so frequently is a wall driver for me. I don't think top models talk that way!!

All the girls are really great, yet so annoying in their own little ways. It's a tough call.

I wasn't sad to see Sheena go. Maybe she could get a job dancing in the windows!

Julie_c said...

You know what I liked about Sheena though - I thought she left with a lot of class. She was happy for her time there and seemed to accept it well.

I don't know who I want to win though! I'm not in love with any of these girls.

Do you have a favorite?

Jessica said...

She did show the most class upon her departure, too bad that class didn't come out in the competition.

Like I said before, they're all really great as models but not so much on a personal level.

I can't pick a favorite, but I still like the cocker spaniel the most.