Monday, October 13, 2008

This Was My Week

This is how I pretty much spent this last week - reading the Twilight series.  After each book I would make promises to myself that I wouldn't start the next one until I cleaned a room or threw in some laundry - but I just as quickly broke those promises b/c it was sorta out of my control.

I never smoked, but I think I can kinda relate to the addiction.  I was twitchy if I couldn't get back to my books.

But I finished the last page, last night at 9:20 and I am happy to say that the end was such that I felt the closure.  I was worried that it would end in a way that would leave me ... hmm, what's the word ... I don't know, unsatisfied.  Needing something.  But I felt good.  I don't want to say more that that.

I did the math last night and it came to about 2300 pages of reading altogether.  I think I can safely say that's as much as I have ever read in my life in one week.  And - to be honest - I didn't get a lick of work done.  I wish I could read something I love at a more leisurely pace - but I just get consumed.  So I won't pick up another book for a little while now.  There's much to prepare for around the house.

Now I wait for the movie.  And I'll definitely be seeing it opening weekend.


äiti said...

So glad it was satisfying to the end. I love the picture---look at all them pages!!

sara said...

Look at that stack.... pretty impressive... until you realize that it's a series written for teenage girls!!!! When are you going to start War & Peace?

Julie_c said...

I like the teenage girl stuff better.

Jessica said...

I read the first 10 pages on Saturday night. At this rate, I may finish it by Christmas!!

Well, maybe I should just watch the movie;)