Thursday, October 23, 2008


They liked ya - Joc.  You slid by week after week on your personality alone.  But it just wasn't enough this time.  

The episode started off on the heels of last week's elimination.  Elina was in a huff because - despite REAL tears - the judges still felt she was bottled up.  Marjorie consoled her - and they concluded that the reason they couldn't emote was due to being European.  Okay.  Fine.  You're uptight Europeans.  But what gets me is that the other girls were trying to ask questions, trying to understand and Elina and Marjorie just went ape-sh** like "How dare you?!?!?!?"

Samantha ( who is starting to annoy me in her own right) asked - and I felt it was innocent - "Haven't you guys lived over here for eleven years?"  Meaning, can't you emote already?  I'd call that a fair question.

OOOOOOOh baby - did Elina get mad.  She screamed, "Do you even know how offensive that is?"

I would have been sitting next to Samantha thinking, Is it?  It didn't seem offensive.  And then I would have thought, Oooooookay.  I'm just not going to talk to the touchy girls anymore.  Let's see what AnnaLeigh is doing?

And that started the rift in the house.  We now have Team Touchy European and Team Get-Over-It America.  

For my part - Elina can blame whatever she wants, but if she doesn't deal with it, she's going home.  Tyra doesn't care if you're European.  Elina needs to work toward a solution rather than clutch to her excuse.

But on to the challenge -

The girls had to wear head-to-toe green screen bodysuits with clothes over them so that the clothes seemed to dance on their own when filmed.  They wore the clothes of an older lady designer named Noni something who looked like she'd been rejected from Ringling Brother's Clown School 42 years in a row - but was keeping the dream alive.  And she was NONE TOO IMPRESSED with the models.

Marjorie's dress fell down and she didn't know it.  Jocelyn did a semi- strip tease.  Sheena twirled and twirled and twirled!  Elina ended up winning because she worked her flowy sleeve.

The best part of last night's episode was filming the Cover Girl commercial.  Oh how I love to watch the models walk and talk!  However, they weren't that terrible because they had a teleprompter and spoke English this time.  Remember the cycle where the poor girls had to do a Japanese commercial?  Now that was a challenge!

Even so, Elina was controlled and stiff.  No, you don't say!  McKey couldn't find the product in her purse.  And, I'm sorry, looked like she was wearing whore make-up.  Samantha did OK - but was a little spazzy.  Marjorie - oh - Marjorie.  She would do so well in an edgy European Vogue shoot.  All her awkward angles and anorexic legs look good then.  But for Cover Girl - goodness.  She was a train wreck of nerves and self-loathing.  And she juts her chin out like a chicken when she talks.  Yikes!  Jocelyn was over-the-top corn ball - but I will give her some credit because she had puked in a garbage can only minutes before her take.  The girl was SICK.  And she got through it.  

Sheena and Annaleigh did really strong jobs.  They were both natural - in their own way - and moved and spoke quite well.  Annaleigh's looked like a professional commercial.  Very clean cut and "American."  If CG wanted a more urban vibe - Sheena's would have been the choice.  But it's good for both these girls b/c they are not the high scorers so far.  Sheena was in the bottom 2 last week.  So they're both just scraping by.

But in the end, Jocelyn wasn't taking good photos and she was shooting good commercials - so that's it for her.  Ba-bye.

So a really light skinned group of gals is heading out to Amsterdam next week.  And how did I not see that coming with the lame wooden clog runway challenge at panel?!  Shame on me!


Jessica said...

Oh the drama! That poor me I'm European stuff is real lame! I think Samantha's question was totally justified. I say, when in Rome ;)
So is Marjorie Elaina's Clark replacement? And what side is AnnaLeigh on?

Those green suits were really creepy. I couldn't stop thinking about the Famous People Players! Noni was not happy! Her clothes looked like they came straight from the thrift shop!

The Cover Girl commercial shoots always make me uncomfortable. (I get uncomfortable when I see awkward people) I think Annaleigh nailed that one. Sheena was good, but she still erks me. I just don't see her as a model. I think a top model should have poise and couth, two things she does not poses.

I'm rooting for Annaleigh, I think she is a total package. She might not be high end, but she is pretty, takes a nice photo, speaks well and carries herself well.

Looking forward to all the drama in Amsterdam!
Our tv station plays this show on Thursdays now, so I will be a day late with my comment.

Julie_c said...

Noni's clothes DID look like the were from a thrift shop. Noni's HAIR looked like it was from a thrift shop! I love thrift shops - but my goal is always to pay low and look good. Not pay high and look cheap.

I don't know how I feel about Annaleigh. She seems nice enough but she has no pizazz. She seems like someone I would easily forget. In fact, when I was trying to remember who was left last week, I think I DID forget her.

But she did rock her commercial.

Sorry you're a day late now, jessica. I'll have to wait to get your reply! :(