Friday, November 28, 2008


Here's a photo collage of the day.  I tried to present this in a larger format, but Blogger and I had a fight, so you'll have to click on it to see any detail.  

It was a wonderful day.  Chilly, but dry and bright.  The kids ( all seven of them) played outside at first.  Magoo was one of the few in a coat.  I don't know how kids stay warm - but they seemed perfectly comfortable out there making teepees and log forts.

The top photo (below) is preparing for the group shot.  Jack, the youngest, didn't want to leave his bucket of mud, so he's not in it.  Then Beck got upset with his sister and he ran off.

In the end I got five smiling faces.  Good enough for me!

While dinner was cooking, the younger boys descended on Sean for a massive wedgie fight.  The first pick is Sean giving Finn a wedgie.

The second pick is Finn and Beck trying to do the same to their dad.  Magoo was sort of excited and apprehensive of this level of play. He's not used to high intesnity rough housing at home.   He ended up trying to help Sean - who he identified as the one in most need of his services.  So he tried to play-spank Finn and Beck.  Of course, I was more concerned that either Finn or Beck - in a wedgie frenzy - was going to turn around and wail on poor Magoo.  But there was none of that.  All the kids played together wonderfully.  

Eventually it was time for the grown-ups to eat (the kids were watching a movie in the basement.)  Here's the Charlie Story-Telling Collage.  Charlie tells great stories!

Dinner was so good.  There's a shot of my plate up in the top collage.  My favorite was the stuffing though - OH BABY - it was good!  And when all the firsts and seconds were had, it was time for pie.

Charlie brought a blueberry and an apple down from a great pie place in Vermont.  Mary made a lemon meringue.  I made a gluten free, casein free apple pie for Magoo and me.  This is a family that loves their pies!

One more little story.  While we were at dinner, I saw Magoo come upstairs and say to Mike's Uncle Dave, "The kids are all veettacking each other.  But I'm not veettacking anyone."  Ah - my son, the snitch!

It was so much fun for all of us.  Thanks to Sean and Marybeth for hosting.  Your house is a lovely place to gather.  

I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving as well!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Portrait of J

Christmas is fast approaching and I have to start working on and completing the handmade gifts that I have planned.  That's all well and good, except I can't always post projects on the blog because that would ruin the surprise for some. 

However, I'm pretty sure neither my brother or sister-in-law check in, so I can post the portrait I did of my nephew, J.

For the most part, I like it.  I have no idea how it will be received because my nephew lives in Ohio so I don't see him that much.  I don't know if I really got him.  But, I thought it looked like my brother, and J does look like my brother, so it will have to do.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

TWILIGHT: My Movie Review

Saturday night, me and two of my best gal pals hit the theater amidst the town's teenage female population (and a handful of boys and I think one man) to see Twilight.  Now, if you're going to see the movie - there may be some spoilers here.  If you read the book, I don't think anything I say will surprise you. 

But before I get into the actual film, I have to comment on the atmosphere.  I will admit, I bought my tickets a week ago.  I read that the pre-sales of this movie were crazy and I didn't want to stress out about it all week long, because I am anal and it would seriously worry me.  So I just went into town and bought the puppies.  I say this, also, so you see that despite the fact that I am 37 years old, I was just as giddy as all the thirteen year olds.  They had nothing on me.  Well, okay, I didn't scream out "Edward Cullen" when the theater went black and I didn't giggle with nerves and lust when Robert Pattenson made his first appearance on screen.  So maybe I have a few years of maturity on these young ladies - but just a few.

I'm going to break this down into pro's and con's - or rather , what the movie got right (according to me) and what maybe wasn't so hot.

What the movie got right:  I think the cast was really great.  I thought both Robert (who played Edward) and Kristen Stewart (who played Bella) looked great in their roles and had wonderful chemistry together.  The actor who played Bella's Dad was perfect as were some of the supporting vamps.  The kids at school did really well with the small parts they had.  The actress who played gossipy Jessica stood out for me.  All in all, good job there.

The scenery and look of the movie were right out of the pages of the book.  They nailed it. Stephenie Meyer, who wrote the Twilight Saga, is good with description, but we all know sometimes the movie adaptations decide to go their own way.  I give them props for sticking to the page and delivering.

Along those lines - they really tried to bring the book, as written, alive.  They basically provided the scenes from the books - in order - as they were - with only a few alterations and additions.  For one thing, they introduced the dangerous vampires much earlier.  This may have been to give the 3 unsuspecting movie goers a chance to suspect Edward as a possible killer when 99% of us knew he doesn't kill people.  (Or, at least he hasn't in a really long time. Teenage girls like their dangerous boys, after all.)  Also, they included a field trip scene for Bella and Edward to talk a few things over.  I think this was simply to provide variety in the scenery.

What I didn't like so much:
Okay - it's a long book.  Not really to read - you can plow right throw it if it's your cup o' tea - but there are pages there.  Shopgirl worked well as a movie adaptation b/c it was only a novella to begin with.  There was a lot more ground to cover for Twilight so they hit the ground running and they didn't stop to rest once.  It was kinda like an over-caffinated fifteen year old telling you about the book.

"So like Bella buys this book on vampires, right?  And then she gets lost in town and wanders down an alley, right?  And these guys are following her and she's super freaked and she's like, "Don't touch me!" and then this car drives up, crazy fast, right?  And then Edward gets out and, omigod, he's so hot.  And he's all like, "Get in the car!" so she totally does and then he growls at the guys and drives off.  It was awesome."

In the book - there's a long scene where Bella is, in fact, lost in town, but we're with her while she gets lost.  And they build up the tension with the guys following her.  At one point she thinks she has lost them, but then she turns a corner into a dead end.  That kind of thing.  It's good, it builds up a sense of isolation and because it's written in first person, you feel her panic and fear, but also the way her mind tries to solve the problem.  Then, when it's almost too late, she's definitely in trouble with these guys, Edward peels into the alley in his car and rescues Bella and drives her away.  Then there's a short conversation where she's trying to calm him down because he really, really wants to go back and kill those guys.  That scene was three sentences in the movie.  And - well, anyway, the whole thing was a little rushed and I would have loved to draw some pivotal scenes out more.

You know how when you see a two hour Pride and Prejudice - it just doesn't do the story justice?  But the six hour one with Colin Firth - oh yeah, baby.  That's the ticket.  Same goes here.  If they could have made a longer movie - and I understand - who wants to sit through a four hour vampire love story  (Well, me, please.) then they would have been able to build the juicy tension more.

So, the rushed pace bothered me, but I understood.

The other issue was the vampire make-up.  It was a wee bit chalky and obvious in some scenes.  Carlisle in the hospital looked like he was about to work on his mime routine for the cancer children as soon as he was done with rounds.  It was a little over the top.

If I gave it a grade, it would be a B.  I enjoyed it.  I'm glad I saw it.  I'll probably rent it when it comes out and like it even more.  But I don't think it will ever truly live in my heart like the book.  That said, I will but my ticket to the sequel, New Moon, a week ahead of time too.

Friday, November 21, 2008

And the Winner Is...

Kristine!  Magoo picked your name out of the bowl.  I will get your prizes out to you shortly.

And thanks so much to everyone else for reading and entering!

Then There Were Three...

The first thing the three remaining girls - McKey, Anna Leigh, and Samantha - had to do was their Cover Girl day - a commercial and a photo shoot back-to-back.  From what I could tell, they came home from Marjorie's elimination, got their Tyra mail and scripts, and had one evening to learn some Dutch.

The next morning they hit make-up and then shot a Cover Girl commercial on a barge in a canal.  All three of the girls looked super cute in their fresh faced make-up.  My only complaint - and it is a minor one - is that McKey maybe looked a little too glamourous.  Anyway - they shot their group scene where they were cute and giggly and the like, and then had to stand in front of the camera to do their individual line readings about all the wonders of lip gloss.

Let's just say it - Anna Leigh, who had been so great in her last commercial - completely tanked.  She froze.  She was stiff.  Mr. Jay had to break it down for her line after line.  It was sad.

The they had to jump right off the boat and into a photo shoot where they did their CG beauty shots.  Samantha had a lot of spirit.  McKey was a little crazy, but the photographer liked it.  And Anna-Leigh, I think she knew she blew the commercial and it weighed on her.  She didn't seem bubbly or fun.  She was like the Cover Girl who forgot to take her anti-depressants.  Not very easy or breezy.

At panel, they looked at the pics. (Above) I think they are all cute shots.  McKey's, to me, is the best.  Maybe not a cover of Seventeen, but a great make-up add for sure.  Anna Leigh just didn't have a sparkle and Samantha seemed a tad forced.  Sam's shot surprised the judges because they all thought she would nail the commercial shot.  Turns out she photographs more editorial.  She just looks like she's commercial.  What a beauty conundrum!

Anyway - the panel has to judge on what they have and Anna-Leigh had a very bad day.  There really was no other way to go.  She got the boot.  It was a pity though, b/c I firmly believe she is more than capable of doing a great commercial.  And, I think, she's a strong walker.  Runway's up next.  But no, the girl had to take all her prize clothing and go.  Maybe she can get a job as a correspondent for MTV - I'm serious!

So then we're taken to this huge room with a runway that looks like a 3-D model of a Pepto Bismol ad - you know, when the pink stuff is twisting and turning and covering the small intestine or whatever.  It was crazy - and the worst part?  There was a big hill in the front.  The models had to RUN up this hill to make it to the top without falling over.   But you know they couldn't run-run, they had to model-run so the bottom half is booking it, but the top half is still and elegant.  It looked so dang wrong.  I point the finger of shame at you, Mr. Jay, for designing this monstrosity.

The girls started out in these 1960's inspired A-line coats what I didn't care for at all.  (But I bet you would have liked them, Sara.)  They weren't ugly - 60's just isn't my favorite style.  Give me the 30's any day.

Anyway - I thought both girls looked stiff and awkward in their walks.  Neither stood out to me.  Sometimes they'd show quick clips of the professional models walking and they made the top model girls look like four year olds in a dance recital.  Those gals had grace.  Sam and McKey need to go back to runway boot camp.  

Then it was time for panel and SOMEONE decided to dress Tyra like the personal secretary for Captain Kirk on Star Trek.  The shoulder pads were UNREAL.  She looked like she was wearing an upside down triangle!  It was truly ugly.  The judges went through all the pics - pros and cons - of Sam and McKey.

If I had to pic - I would have gone with McKey.  They are both nice girls and I would have been happy either way.  I just thought McKey was a little stronger. 

Well, I picked right.  McKey won and they whisked her off to do a photo shoot with Tyra.

So now I get to be the judge - Tyra, where's your neck, girl?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

School Library Journal

I was going to post about the finale of Top Model, but I'll do that tomorrow so Jessica is not tempted to peek.

Instead, I'll share a link to the School Library Journal blog, that mentioned my book today.

(I've emailed most of my friends and family already about it.)

The contest is still open.  Post a comment at the previous post to enter!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

One Year Blog Anniversary Giveaway

At last - the contest.  So it's been basically a year since I started this blog and I love entering other blog giveaways so I thought it'd fun to hold one myself.  And I wanted to give something good, so I hope you like this package.

Here's what we got:

A mini tote, 9" wide x 10" tall.  Yellow exterior with black dotted trim.  A canvas pocket with a frying pan, eggs, and a spatula embroidered on front.  Fully lined with chicken fabric.

2 Packs of cards.  Each pack holds four blank cards of the same design.  If you're not much of a card sender yourself - these make excellent teacher gifts and stocking stuffers!

And finally, an original paper cut of a bee in an unfinished wood frame.  The frame measures - 8 1/2" wide X 6 1/2" tall.  (This is not a print.  This is an original paper cut.)

So there you have it.  All you have to do is leave a comment below and I'll have Magoo draw a name at dinnertime on Friday.  That's enough time, right?  All day today, all day tomorrow and most of Friday.  I think that oughta get anyone who checks in regularly.

So good luck.  Much thanks to all of you who check in.  I've certainly had a lot of fun working on the blog and I'm looking forward to another fun year.

(Just in case there's any confusion - the prize is ALL the items.  It's a prize package.  You don't have to specify a favorite.)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Special Delivery

I came home from dropping Magoo off at school this morning and a book shaped envelope was at my door.  And guess what was in it?  A book!  But not any book - MY book.  So here I hold my first copy of my first book.  Very exciting!

I am so pleased to have this advanced copy (I'll get more later, but right now I only have one) so I can take it with me to Thanksgiving.  Two years ago, I took my first letter from Viking that was not yet a contract, but a very promising letter.  So they have been waiting a while to see this.  And in December, I am scheduled to be the Mystery Reader in Magoo's Kindergarten class - so I will get to read my very own book there too.  

In the meantime, it will probably live on my mantle.  I will try to keep it safe from spills and rips - we'll see how well that goes.

I'll post the contest tomorrow.  I was going to do it today, but well, this came up and I just had to share!  Thanks for your patience.

And thanks to all who have given their support and especially to Shirley, who was my go-to girl on all things Japanese.

You know, it would probably be smart of me to post a link to Amazon, where Wink, The Ninja Who Wanted to Be Noticed is available for pre-order.  (he,he.)

This is very, very cool.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Puppet Theater

Last year I made some puppets for The Gingerbread Man, that I performed for Magoo's preschool class.  He likes that story and the other night at bedtime, asked me to get out the puppets so we could do a little puppet show.  He likes to be the Gingerbread Man, of course.  Well, that puppet show got a little hyper and I decided puppet shows maybe weren't the best way to calm him down for bedtime.

So, when the husband got a delivery in a large box, I thought a puppet theater might be in order.  Then he could have all the spazzed out puppet fun he wanted.

We started simply enough - a hole in the box.

But we couldn't stop there - no!  We had to decorate it.  Magoo did some drawings:
Then we painted.
And here's how it looks now!  (Magoo wanted to put a chimney on top, inspired by the Three Little Pigs.)

Now let's see how long it lasts before it gets completely destroyed!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Guess Who Gets to Draw on the Wall?

We have a big white wall down in our basement.  And our basement is pretty simply, a basement.  We have a out work-out stuff down there, the laundry, my sewing area.  But it's not a family room and it's certainly not clean (although that's one of my projects) so it's okay fro Magoo to get a little creative on the wall. 

Oh boy - and he was loving it.

The only part that's a drawback is SOMEONE - and I'm not saying who - showed the boy how to smudge the marker. So now a little "someone" who looks just like the big "someone" gets very messy hands, arms and feet.  And someone entirely different usually ends up cleaning them.

In other blogging news, it's a tricky time for blogging.  I have many crafts planned but many of the recipients of said crafts read the blog and that would BLOW the surprise.  I'm also doing a lot of writing and that doesn't make for interesting blog posts either.  I'll have to get creative.  

Next week, I plan to have a giveaway.  It will be the one year anniversary for my blog and I love contests.  So check in next week.  Hmmm, what should I give away???

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Who's in the Crapper?

We're down to four.  And despite the fact I'm not sure who I really want to win, I knew exactly who I wanted to go home.  I'd had enough of Marjorie!

There was a brief "lesson" where Paulina taught the girls how to model with toilet paper, fish, products - you know; selling + fierce = model!  It was uninteresting - but I did notice a lot of purple.  Purple must be in right now.

For the challenge, the girls had to do a sort of audition for a commercial.  The director broke down the storyline with illustrations.  A beautiful girl (the model) is jogging on the street.  A cab is driving by, slowly, with a hot guy in the back seat.  The guy and girl exchange glances - mini-flirt. The cab drives by, she catches up.  Mini-flirt again.  Then he gets out of the cab, the girl rushes up and kisses him, then she steals his cab and now it's his turn to chase her.  That was the story.  But when they had to do this, they did it in a room and the girls had to run on a treadmill while this male model, who looked like he might have been popular in Paulina's day, moved back and forth like he was in the cab.  And they acted the scene out that way.  Then the girl had to jump off the treadmill and kiss him.  It was WAY awkward.  

I thought AnnaLeigh did a really good job.  She was natural & alluring.  McKey and Sam were both fine.   Marjorie had a better attitude than she normally did, but she was still wicked nervous and twitchy and I was DYING watching her b/c it made me so uncomfortable.   

Then - pigs flew by outside my window - because they announced Marjorie the winner.  I guess she surprised them by being unpredictable.  I thought she sucked.  But she took AnnaLeigh on the prize shopping spree and they had a good time.  (I should add that my husband was in the room playing computer games on his laptop while I watched this show and he was adamant that Marjorie was a man. )

And also, because the hubby and I were chatting, I missed how and why the girls invited four guys over for a party.  How did they know these guys?  Where did they come from?  AnnaLeigh, McKey and Samantha don't drink - But MARJORIE DOES AND DID!  Oh, she got hammered.  She made out with one guy and then went into the hot tub with him.  He was in his boxers - because a gentleman always wears thin wet cotton boxers to maintain his modesty.  She stayed fully clothed as she got in.  AnnaLeigh was looking out for her and eventually told the guys that they had to go.  If Annaleigh hadn't been so responsible, we probably would have had some Cycle 2 regrettable sex, Shandi-style.  Then the cameras cut to an interview with Marjorie where she was like, "I knew I didn't have to be responsible because the other girls would take care of me."

So 1.) How old is Marjorie that she's getting so liquored up?  and 2.) It's okay to get liquored up and lose control of yourself and not have to take responsibility for your actions if one of your friends is sober?

What an idiot.  I've had enough of her.  She's either a nervous wreck or a slutty lush.  No thanks.

So now it was photo shoot time.  They were doing an anti-little Dutch girl look against a quaint windmill and field.  I thought the shots looked great.  I loved that photographer.  AnnaLeigh did some great jumping moves and McKey worked her back bend.  Mr. Jay was giddy as a little girl.  It took Sam a long time to get into it, but rocked her last 7 frames and Marjorie did ok.  Not great.  Just ok.

Cutting to the chase, the bottom two were Sam and Marj.  For a second I thought they might cut Sam and then I was going to be hugely upset.  But they didn't.  They gave Marjorie the boot.  You see, Marjorie had some wine before panel so she could calm down and she was a little too calm for the judges.  They missed her quirkiness.  And that's my main problem with this show.  They tell the girls to do one thing, then the girls do it, then they criticize the girls for either doing it too much, or doing it wrong.

For example, on one cycle there was a girl Ya-ya, who had a dancing background.  The judges felt like her shots were great but she looked more like a dancer than a model and told her to make it more ugly.  So, the next shoot, Ya-ya goes completely against her dancer instincts and does ugly moves.  Then they judges have the gall to say they thought she should have been more graceful and her dancer's training should have helped her on this shoot.  AHHHHHHH!

That's my Tyra pet peeve.  But I was glad that Marjorie is now GONE!  It's like Obama got elected all over again.  Woo-hoo!  (Sorry, Obama, for the comparison.)

Next week is the finale.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's A Mediocre Pumpkin Pie, Charlie Brown

I wanted to try to make a pumpkin pie from a real pumpkin.  And I did.  I won't post the recipe here, because although I think this pie was quite successful for a pie novice, like myself.  It lacked a richness of flavor.  So I won't bother.  

The consistency was good.  I was worried about that since I can't use condensed milk (casein). I used plain water buffalo yogurt instead.  (no casein.)  But no, it firmed up nicely.  Consistency, thumbs up.  I think the problem was in the spices.  I will cut back on the cloves in the future and maybe notch up the cinnamon and maybe add more honey.

Working with a real pumpkin was interesting though.  I cut up a pie pumpkin and scooped out the seeds.  Then I put it in the microwave and zapped it for about 30 minutes.  The "meat" comes right off then and I could process it in the food processor.  Easier than a can?  Heck no.  But technically we're not supposed to use canned foods like that for Magoo b/c it's more likely to have mold in it.

But I liked the pie well enough and Magoo certainly gobbled it up.  Poor hubby.  He's not a fan of pies in general.  But if I'm enjoying them and Magoo is getting fruits or veggies that way - I'm going to keep making them.  I think I'll try sweet potato next.  

Oh, and my very good buddy, Sara, just got me some crust protectors, so no more burnt crusts!  Woo - hoo!  Thanks, Sara.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Grand Day Out

Now that the art show is over, I can pull out some of the photos from last week that I just didn't get around to posting.  I think this was last Wednesday.  Wednesdays are early release days at the school, so the kids have longer in the afternoon to play.  It was a beautiful day, very mild, so we invited our buddies N & A over.  I pulled out the blocks, army guys, and the action figures. 

It wasn't long before some of the neighbors started to arrive.  Boys are magnetically pulled to the energy of other boys playing outside.  We had just enough leaves in the front yard for a decent pile.

Leaf fight!

Little A is getting bombarded!

I pulled out the mini slide - it's only purpose now is to jump from it.  And - oh - did they jump.

You can't see them all, but we had at least six boys aging from 3 to 10 playing in this pile.  Is there anything better than a bunch of dried leaves?

Today is Veteran's Day and there's no school.  The hubby is off to study for his final at UConn and Magoo and I will meander around this morning, cleaning and such.  We have more fun planned for the afternoon, including a trip to the playground to let boys run their ya-ya's out.

Hope you all are having a great day!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Open Studio Weekend

As I write this, it is Sunday morning.  I have completed one day of the art show.  This was what my set-up looked like yesterday morning.

This is pretty much the full expanse of my wall.  Then, I have the side opposite.  Right now, it looks well lit because of the flash, but it's really a very dark little corner.  No natural light anywhere near by and the hall lighting is very low.  I had brought a lamp to do my set-up Friday night, but there are no outlets close by.  I thought it would be okay - but man, it really was dark.

(I bringingt a lamp for today with a really long extension cord.)

Here's the view of the same wall from the other side.
And here's the wall opposite.  See that dim light in the back?  It's like a 20 watt.

I kept telling people if they liked something they were welcome to take it over to the windows to get a better look.  I didn't have any takers and the dark was annoying, but it was a conversation starter and people feel a little more comfortable when there's a small item to chat about for a minute or two.  Then they either feel free to walk away or stay and ask question about the work.

Things went pretty well yesterday.  I sold three t-shirts and lots of people commented on them. Didn't sell too many cards or prints.  One of the racks holds unframed original art at cheap prices and I did sell a couple things there.  And I sold three things off the wall.

"Off the wall" is the best.  Not only are those pieces a little more expensive - but it means I don't have to repack them.  (Thanks Pat, who bought the two goldfish watercolors in the brown frames.  You can see them in photo #2.)

In the past, Sundays have been good days for me.  I start marking things down and everyone loves a sale.  So we'll see how it goes.

OKAY - it's the end of the day Sunday now.  It was an OK weekend.  Never busy.  Never things flying off the wall.  But I saw lots of friends (thanks to those who came by), I bought a new pair of earrings, and I did make some money in this crappy economy.  Yes, Magoo, Santa will be coming this year!

The T-shirts did OK.  I sold 4 out of 7.  All the prints and cards sold in medium amounts.  I sold a few pieces off the wall.  If you remember the one with all the big sea creatures.  That sold.  A couple people were very interested in Planet V, but it still came home.  People always like the watercolor fish.

What surprised me was that NO ONE seemed to care for the abstract collage.  I think  I saw one person comment on Sticks and Stones, but that was it.  Okay.  Noted.

But it's over now and I can relax a bit and pack things up.  There was enough business to make me think I will do it again next year - just no abstract collage.  :)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Nervous Nelly V. Control Freak

Last night on Top Model, the girls went on "Go-Sees."  It should come as no surprise to anyone that Marjorie blew the go-sees, big time.  There are some rules to go-sees, which anyone who watches this show regularly knows.

1.) Present and relaxed, friendly, yet professional attitude.

2.) Be on TIME at the end of the challenge.  That's key - or else you get a wicked scolding and you're disqualified.

Marjorie - poor Marjorie - the editors played the idiot music as she was walking around, flabbergasted, with her map in her hand.  Of course she was going to do poorly.  She's a walking ball of nerves and self-criticism and it radiates from her like a nasty sunburn.  She made it to two go-sees and neither designer wanted to book her.  BUT - at least she made it back in time.

Elina got around well, but she got two strikes right away.  One, she ran and the evening gown designer didn't want to put his clothes on her sweaty back.  Two, her tattoos were a major turn off to the swimsuit designer.  See ya!

People seemed to like Samantha - although one designer thought she looked too commercial.  AnnaLeigh and McKey were both friendly and professional.  McKey would have been booked by all four designers and won the challege EXCEPT - der, der, der - she was lolligagging around in her boat (they took little boats around Amsterdam) and was 5 minutes late returning.  DISQUALIFIED!

Okay.  For what it's worth - I don't really know if she was lolligagging.  So much of that is the editing.  Maybe she tried to squeeze one more go-see in.  And, in all fairness, she was only 5 minutes late.  Some girls have been over 20 minutes late!  But rules are rules and McKey was out.  AnnaLeigh ended up winning and getting a bunch of booty.

Marjorie went home and had a major panic attack.  Here's where I really start to like AnnaLeigh.  I'm holding to the thought that she has a face like a cocker spaniel - but she seems to have the heart of one too.  She was trying so hard to make Marjorie feel better and boost her confidence.  A-L really is a very sweet gal.

Nest challenge - a photo shoot with Tyra.  As far as Tyra shoots go, this one was tame.  Even Tyra didn't seem like she was having a lot of fun.  They did two shots.  A casual one and a glam one.  In back and white - edgy!  I could go into it, but really, it wasn't any big whoop.  Marjorie was a nervous wreck.  Elina was too controlled.  Samantha's energy served her well.  Annaleigh looks better with make-up and McKey was rocking the back bend poses.

In the end, it HAD HAD HAD to come down to Nervous Nelly and Control Freak.  They have both had the same freakin' issues since day one.  But last night - the judges were just a little more sick of Elina, so she got sent packing.  I don't see how Marjorie is not next.  She'll never make it past the Cover Girl commercial. Nev-va.  So I think we'll be waving bye to her soon.  But for now, Samantha can sleep well, b/c her nemesis Elina is gone.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The T's Are Done

Three days 'til the art show.  My goal today was to finish the t-shirts and make labels and put them altogether.  Check!

Here they are.  I think they turned out pretty good.  There's only seven of them since it's an experiment of sorts.  If they sell well and I do this show again (which, right now I have such a bad attitude about it, I don't know if I will or won't) then next year I'll buy a larger amount in more sizes.  I think as it stands right now, anyone with a girl over 12 months is just out of luck.  I figure girls aren't huge t-shirt wearers anyway.

Now I have to frame one more piece and finish up some cards.

Still lots to do!


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Couple More Pieces

The art show is this weekend.  So this week I will be trying to pull my stuff together, make sure everything is framed, cards packaged, things priced - that sort of thing.  But I did finish a couple more new pieces too.

This first one, Single Goldfish 2008, I did for the watercolor class I teach.  They wanted to work on fish.  It's smaller, 8 X 10", and that's good b/c I'll be able to price it low.  Sometimes you luck out and sell a big piece at these arts & crafts shows, but mostly it's the stuff under $100 that will move.

I also had an idea for a piece for a baby's room.  This is called Rock-A-Bye Baby.  Since a lot of my stuff is designed for kids decor, I'll hear people pass by and say something like, "This would be perfect if we knew that Jane was having a boy."  But if they don't know what sex the baby is  (And PS those people bug me.  And, yes, I'm talking about YOU, Angela and Staci) then they won't buy the art.  So I've been wanting to do a gender neutral piece but nothing with frogs or ducks.  Then I got the idea for this and whipped it up in a couple of days.

It's bigger than my scanner, so I had to scan it in chunks which does not make for the nicest looking digital art - but I like the image so I think I'll do another, smaller one and use it for prints and cards.  But I won't be able to do that right away.  Future project.

Magoo and I voted this morning!  Go Obama!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

Magoo requested a Darth Vader pumpkin this year so that's what he got.  If it had been a bigger pumpkin, I could have worked more details into it.  But all in all, I think it turned out alright and people seemed to know who it was - which is always good.  Although one kind clearly was not impressed.  :)

We had a lovely night for trick-or-treating.  The week had be frigid, but it warmed right up yesterday.

Magoo went as Darth Vader.  (Thanks so much to Than for the costume loan.)  I hadn't planned on matching him this year.  It was getting a little MotherBoy, even for me, but I already had a perfect Princess Leia dress and all I had to do was put my hair up.  It was too easy.  

And, Magoo seemed to be pretty excited about it.  He drew this picture in school on Thursday.

That's him and me trick-or-treating in costume.  He even drew little candy baskets.  Isn't that the best?  I'm framing it!

And here's my little Dark Lord, looking all cute and ready to go.  (He has a mask, but he didn't opt to wear it most of the time.)

Magoo enjoyed collecting candy from the neighbors and when we got home he traded it in for a Ben 10 video and some small toys.  Now we have a big freakin' bowl of candy that none of us are going to touch, but Mike's work is accepting candy donations for kids that didn't get to go out.  So that's a good place to send it.

Hope you all had an excellent evening, as well.