Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Couple More Pieces

The art show is this weekend.  So this week I will be trying to pull my stuff together, make sure everything is framed, cards packaged, things priced - that sort of thing.  But I did finish a couple more new pieces too.

This first one, Single Goldfish 2008, I did for the watercolor class I teach.  They wanted to work on fish.  It's smaller, 8 X 10", and that's good b/c I'll be able to price it low.  Sometimes you luck out and sell a big piece at these arts & crafts shows, but mostly it's the stuff under $100 that will move.

I also had an idea for a piece for a baby's room.  This is called Rock-A-Bye Baby.  Since a lot of my stuff is designed for kids decor, I'll hear people pass by and say something like, "This would be perfect if we knew that Jane was having a boy."  But if they don't know what sex the baby is  (And PS those people bug me.  And, yes, I'm talking about YOU, Angela and Staci) then they won't buy the art.  So I've been wanting to do a gender neutral piece but nothing with frogs or ducks.  Then I got the idea for this and whipped it up in a couple of days.

It's bigger than my scanner, so I had to scan it in chunks which does not make for the nicest looking digital art - but I like the image so I think I'll do another, smaller one and use it for prints and cards.  But I won't be able to do that right away.  Future project.

Magoo and I voted this morning!  Go Obama!


äiti said...

I love Rock-A-Bye-Baby!! It is beautiful. So peaceful.

Was it last year or the year before that Erik and I were able to visit you at the show? I hope you have a great time and nothing gets stolen this year...

And that you make some bucks!

Julie_c said...

It was only last year.

That was the year I had the Cats in Art Series. I think I have two of them left. I'll pull them out of their frames and put them in with the unframed art in my racks.

Jessica said...

What can I say, I always love the Goldfish!
Rock-A-Bye-Baby is so sweet, nice fall colours on the leaves there. I bet that piece will go fast.
Good luck!

sara said...

That is a very fat goldfish. I love it!

jet said...

Julie, I love your art work. Good luck with your art show.

You mentioned how you had to scan your image in pieces. This may be helpful: At work when we have images to large for the scanner we use a digital camera to take a picture of the art work. It's worked out so well I hardly use the scanner for smaller objects. You just need to have good lighting.

Julie_c said...

I do, sometimes, use my digital camera - I just LOVE the detail that the scanner captures. If I had a better camera, that might not be an issue. But right now - scanner is the #1 choice, especially if I'm looking at reproduction.

But thanks for the advice.