Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Grand Day Out

Now that the art show is over, I can pull out some of the photos from last week that I just didn't get around to posting.  I think this was last Wednesday.  Wednesdays are early release days at the school, so the kids have longer in the afternoon to play.  It was a beautiful day, very mild, so we invited our buddies N & A over.  I pulled out the blocks, army guys, and the action figures. 

It wasn't long before some of the neighbors started to arrive.  Boys are magnetically pulled to the energy of other boys playing outside.  We had just enough leaves in the front yard for a decent pile.

Leaf fight!

Little A is getting bombarded!

I pulled out the mini slide - it's only purpose now is to jump from it.  And - oh - did they jump.

You can't see them all, but we had at least six boys aging from 3 to 10 playing in this pile.  Is there anything better than a bunch of dried leaves?

Today is Veteran's Day and there's no school.  The hubby is off to study for his final at UConn and Magoo and I will meander around this morning, cleaning and such.  We have more fun planned for the afternoon, including a trip to the playground to let boys run their ya-ya's out.

Hope you all are having a great day!


sara said...

That was a fun day! Hard to believe we were out without jackets in early November! Off to finish our clay decoration making... time to start getting ready for Christmas....

Jessica said...

Blocks and leaves, what could be better!?
You have a great way of capturing all those boys in action! I have to come to your blog to see good sized pictures of my nephews!!
It's a good thing that tree in front of your house grew so tall.

sara said...

Sorry Jess.... I'll send some more photos along... soon!
How about more photos of Ms. F. in your blog....
Julie is the queen of capturing moments on camera! I always think of it too late!