Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

Magoo requested a Darth Vader pumpkin this year so that's what he got.  If it had been a bigger pumpkin, I could have worked more details into it.  But all in all, I think it turned out alright and people seemed to know who it was - which is always good.  Although one kind clearly was not impressed.  :)

We had a lovely night for trick-or-treating.  The week had be frigid, but it warmed right up yesterday.

Magoo went as Darth Vader.  (Thanks so much to Than for the costume loan.)  I hadn't planned on matching him this year.  It was getting a little MotherBoy, even for me, but I already had a perfect Princess Leia dress and all I had to do was put my hair up.  It was too easy.  

And, Magoo seemed to be pretty excited about it.  He drew this picture in school on Thursday.

That's him and me trick-or-treating in costume.  He even drew little candy baskets.  Isn't that the best?  I'm framing it!

And here's my little Dark Lord, looking all cute and ready to go.  (He has a mask, but he didn't opt to wear it most of the time.)

Magoo enjoyed collecting candy from the neighbors and when we got home he traded it in for a Ben 10 video and some small toys.  Now we have a big freakin' bowl of candy that none of us are going to touch, but Mike's work is accepting candy donations for kids that didn't get to go out.  So that's a good place to send it.

Hope you all had an excellent evening, as well.


äiti said...

We're digging all the Star Wars stuff! Magoo, you, and the pumpkins look awesome! And the drawing, wonderful.

Jessica said...

Oh it's so cool to dress up with your kids! I bet Magoo was so proud to have his mom dress up as a pretty cool Leia! Nice cinnamon buns BTW!
Great pumpkins, fantastic drawing and that's one handsome Darth Vader!!

What a good little guy for giving up all that candy! Toys and videos are much better in the long run!

Julie_c said...

He really has been a good sport about the candy. Every so ofter - you can tell he'd really, really like something that he's not supposed to have. But he knew he was getting presents, so he was still pretty excited!