Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's A Mediocre Pumpkin Pie, Charlie Brown

I wanted to try to make a pumpkin pie from a real pumpkin.  And I did.  I won't post the recipe here, because although I think this pie was quite successful for a pie novice, like myself.  It lacked a richness of flavor.  So I won't bother.  

The consistency was good.  I was worried about that since I can't use condensed milk (casein). I used plain water buffalo yogurt instead.  (no casein.)  But no, it firmed up nicely.  Consistency, thumbs up.  I think the problem was in the spices.  I will cut back on the cloves in the future and maybe notch up the cinnamon and maybe add more honey.

Working with a real pumpkin was interesting though.  I cut up a pie pumpkin and scooped out the seeds.  Then I put it in the microwave and zapped it for about 30 minutes.  The "meat" comes right off then and I could process it in the food processor.  Easier than a can?  Heck no.  But technically we're not supposed to use canned foods like that for Magoo b/c it's more likely to have mold in it.

But I liked the pie well enough and Magoo certainly gobbled it up.  Poor hubby.  He's not a fan of pies in general.  But if I'm enjoying them and Magoo is getting fruits or veggies that way - I'm going to keep making them.  I think I'll try sweet potato next.  

Oh, and my very good buddy, Sara, just got me some crust protectors, so no more burnt crusts!  Woo - hoo!  Thanks, Sara.


äiti said...

Water buffalo yogurt is casein-free. Wow. Where the heck did you find water buffalo yogurt?

Thanks for teaching me something new :-)

Julie_c said...

At Whole Paycheck, of course!

sara said...

I think you should try roasting the pumpkin next time.... may give it a nuttier flavour...
I looks beautiful though! You are a perfect pie maker! I'm jealous ;)

Jessica said...

That pie looks yummy! I love pumpkin pie.

Water buffalo yogurt, well I'll be. Does it taste good? Are water buffalo farmed? I thought they roamed wild. How would one milk a water buffalo? I'm so intrigued. I'll have to look for some at one of our fancy food shops.
Crust protectors!? That Sara is such a food nerd!!

I concur with Sara on the roasting.