Thursday, November 6, 2008

Nervous Nelly V. Control Freak

Last night on Top Model, the girls went on "Go-Sees."  It should come as no surprise to anyone that Marjorie blew the go-sees, big time.  There are some rules to go-sees, which anyone who watches this show regularly knows.

1.) Present and relaxed, friendly, yet professional attitude.

2.) Be on TIME at the end of the challenge.  That's key - or else you get a wicked scolding and you're disqualified.

Marjorie - poor Marjorie - the editors played the idiot music as she was walking around, flabbergasted, with her map in her hand.  Of course she was going to do poorly.  She's a walking ball of nerves and self-criticism and it radiates from her like a nasty sunburn.  She made it to two go-sees and neither designer wanted to book her.  BUT - at least she made it back in time.

Elina got around well, but she got two strikes right away.  One, she ran and the evening gown designer didn't want to put his clothes on her sweaty back.  Two, her tattoos were a major turn off to the swimsuit designer.  See ya!

People seemed to like Samantha - although one designer thought she looked too commercial.  AnnaLeigh and McKey were both friendly and professional.  McKey would have been booked by all four designers and won the challege EXCEPT - der, der, der - she was lolligagging around in her boat (they took little boats around Amsterdam) and was 5 minutes late returning.  DISQUALIFIED!

Okay.  For what it's worth - I don't really know if she was lolligagging.  So much of that is the editing.  Maybe she tried to squeeze one more go-see in.  And, in all fairness, she was only 5 minutes late.  Some girls have been over 20 minutes late!  But rules are rules and McKey was out.  AnnaLeigh ended up winning and getting a bunch of booty.

Marjorie went home and had a major panic attack.  Here's where I really start to like AnnaLeigh.  I'm holding to the thought that she has a face like a cocker spaniel - but she seems to have the heart of one too.  She was trying so hard to make Marjorie feel better and boost her confidence.  A-L really is a very sweet gal.

Nest challenge - a photo shoot with Tyra.  As far as Tyra shoots go, this one was tame.  Even Tyra didn't seem like she was having a lot of fun.  They did two shots.  A casual one and a glam one.  In back and white - edgy!  I could go into it, but really, it wasn't any big whoop.  Marjorie was a nervous wreck.  Elina was too controlled.  Samantha's energy served her well.  Annaleigh looks better with make-up and McKey was rocking the back bend poses.

In the end, it HAD HAD HAD to come down to Nervous Nelly and Control Freak.  They have both had the same freakin' issues since day one.  But last night - the judges were just a little more sick of Elina, so she got sent packing.  I don't see how Marjorie is not next.  She'll never make it past the Cover Girl commercial. Nev-va.  So I think we'll be waving bye to her soon.  But for now, Samantha can sleep well, b/c her nemesis Elina is gone.


Jessica said...

Oh man, I don't know who I wanted out of there more! Why couldn't they have made two eliminations last night! Oh well, I will be very surprised if Marjorie doesn't go next week.

It's such a tough call now. Except for Marjorie they are all so strong in their own way. Annaleigh's sweet personality is coming out. Samantha's commercial look seemed to be wiped out with the great Tyra shoot and I guess the panel really loves that weird bendy look McKeys got going on. I can't really find fault with any of them. I still don't jive with McKey, but she's a good model.

How can Marjorie be so nervous and insecure, but still allow shooting to take place while she's naked in the tub?

Who do you think will be ANTM Julie?

Julie_c said...

Oh - that is a good point about tubby-time Marjorie. I think maybe the girls just get really used to the mobile camera people in the house. Maybe they are women. I don't know, but I agree. Marjorie MUSt be next.

For looks alone - McKey is my winner.
For commercial likeability - AnnaLeigh.
Samantha's got the best "American" look - like for Calvin Klein jeans or something.

I think AL will win. I think her commercial will be good and she looks like she could be on the cover of Seventeen. Then, next season, I will forget who she is completely.