Sunday, November 9, 2008

Open Studio Weekend

As I write this, it is Sunday morning.  I have completed one day of the art show.  This was what my set-up looked like yesterday morning.

This is pretty much the full expanse of my wall.  Then, I have the side opposite.  Right now, it looks well lit because of the flash, but it's really a very dark little corner.  No natural light anywhere near by and the hall lighting is very low.  I had brought a lamp to do my set-up Friday night, but there are no outlets close by.  I thought it would be okay - but man, it really was dark.

(I bringingt a lamp for today with a really long extension cord.)

Here's the view of the same wall from the other side.
And here's the wall opposite.  See that dim light in the back?  It's like a 20 watt.

I kept telling people if they liked something they were welcome to take it over to the windows to get a better look.  I didn't have any takers and the dark was annoying, but it was a conversation starter and people feel a little more comfortable when there's a small item to chat about for a minute or two.  Then they either feel free to walk away or stay and ask question about the work.

Things went pretty well yesterday.  I sold three t-shirts and lots of people commented on them. Didn't sell too many cards or prints.  One of the racks holds unframed original art at cheap prices and I did sell a couple things there.  And I sold three things off the wall.

"Off the wall" is the best.  Not only are those pieces a little more expensive - but it means I don't have to repack them.  (Thanks Pat, who bought the two goldfish watercolors in the brown frames.  You can see them in photo #2.)

In the past, Sundays have been good days for me.  I start marking things down and everyone loves a sale.  So we'll see how it goes.

OKAY - it's the end of the day Sunday now.  It was an OK weekend.  Never busy.  Never things flying off the wall.  But I saw lots of friends (thanks to those who came by), I bought a new pair of earrings, and I did make some money in this crappy economy.  Yes, Magoo, Santa will be coming this year!

The T-shirts did OK.  I sold 4 out of 7.  All the prints and cards sold in medium amounts.  I sold a few pieces off the wall.  If you remember the one with all the big sea creatures.  That sold.  A couple people were very interested in Planet V, but it still came home.  People always like the watercolor fish.

What surprised me was that NO ONE seemed to care for the abstract collage.  I think  I saw one person comment on Sticks and Stones, but that was it.  Okay.  Noted.

But it's over now and I can relax a bit and pack things up.  There was enough business to make me think I will do it again next year - just no abstract collage.  :)


sara said...

I want the ballet monkey shirt... in my size! I'll buy the shirt next time I'm at Target and pay you to make it for me!

It was dark. But, of all the art I saw there, yours was my favorite (and not just because you are my friend).

Julie_c said...

1.) Anytime you want a shirt - you got it.

2.) I walked around a little on Sunday. I saw a few interesting things - but not as much as in years past. I wasn't inspired by much.

Oh well.

Jessica said...

The show looks great! That's too bad about the lighting, that would drive me nuts.
I bet Sara is right about your work being the best!!

pahurley said...

Hey, the fish look absolutely gorgeous in our living room -- I can't get enough of looking at them. I'm glad someone picked up the big sea creatures piece too -- I was tempted! (Can you see a theme with me?!?)