Friday, November 21, 2008

Then There Were Three...

The first thing the three remaining girls - McKey, Anna Leigh, and Samantha - had to do was their Cover Girl day - a commercial and a photo shoot back-to-back.  From what I could tell, they came home from Marjorie's elimination, got their Tyra mail and scripts, and had one evening to learn some Dutch.

The next morning they hit make-up and then shot a Cover Girl commercial on a barge in a canal.  All three of the girls looked super cute in their fresh faced make-up.  My only complaint - and it is a minor one - is that McKey maybe looked a little too glamourous.  Anyway - they shot their group scene where they were cute and giggly and the like, and then had to stand in front of the camera to do their individual line readings about all the wonders of lip gloss.

Let's just say it - Anna Leigh, who had been so great in her last commercial - completely tanked.  She froze.  She was stiff.  Mr. Jay had to break it down for her line after line.  It was sad.

The they had to jump right off the boat and into a photo shoot where they did their CG beauty shots.  Samantha had a lot of spirit.  McKey was a little crazy, but the photographer liked it.  And Anna-Leigh, I think she knew she blew the commercial and it weighed on her.  She didn't seem bubbly or fun.  She was like the Cover Girl who forgot to take her anti-depressants.  Not very easy or breezy.

At panel, they looked at the pics. (Above) I think they are all cute shots.  McKey's, to me, is the best.  Maybe not a cover of Seventeen, but a great make-up add for sure.  Anna Leigh just didn't have a sparkle and Samantha seemed a tad forced.  Sam's shot surprised the judges because they all thought she would nail the commercial shot.  Turns out she photographs more editorial.  She just looks like she's commercial.  What a beauty conundrum!

Anyway - the panel has to judge on what they have and Anna-Leigh had a very bad day.  There really was no other way to go.  She got the boot.  It was a pity though, b/c I firmly believe she is more than capable of doing a great commercial.  And, I think, she's a strong walker.  Runway's up next.  But no, the girl had to take all her prize clothing and go.  Maybe she can get a job as a correspondent for MTV - I'm serious!

So then we're taken to this huge room with a runway that looks like a 3-D model of a Pepto Bismol ad - you know, when the pink stuff is twisting and turning and covering the small intestine or whatever.  It was crazy - and the worst part?  There was a big hill in the front.  The models had to RUN up this hill to make it to the top without falling over.   But you know they couldn't run-run, they had to model-run so the bottom half is booking it, but the top half is still and elegant.  It looked so dang wrong.  I point the finger of shame at you, Mr. Jay, for designing this monstrosity.

The girls started out in these 1960's inspired A-line coats what I didn't care for at all.  (But I bet you would have liked them, Sara.)  They weren't ugly - 60's just isn't my favorite style.  Give me the 30's any day.

Anyway - I thought both girls looked stiff and awkward in their walks.  Neither stood out to me.  Sometimes they'd show quick clips of the professional models walking and they made the top model girls look like four year olds in a dance recital.  Those gals had grace.  Sam and McKey need to go back to runway boot camp.  

Then it was time for panel and SOMEONE decided to dress Tyra like the personal secretary for Captain Kirk on Star Trek.  The shoulder pads were UNREAL.  She looked like she was wearing an upside down triangle!  It was truly ugly.  The judges went through all the pics - pros and cons - of Sam and McKey.

If I had to pic - I would have gone with McKey.  They are both nice girls and I would have been happy either way.  I just thought McKey was a little stronger. 

Well, I picked right.  McKey won and they whisked her off to do a photo shoot with Tyra.

So now I get to be the judge - Tyra, where's your neck, girl?


Chicklebee said...

Ooooo.... that is a freakish photo...

Jessica said...

Thanks for holding off on the post Julie. I kept away yesterday so I wouldn't spoil it for myself.

I was a little disappointed, I really was rooting for Annaleigh but I knew it was all over for her when the Cover Girl shoot went into the toilet. I think being so close to the end put her nerves in overdrive. I wish she had made it to the runway challenge, she would have killed it.

As much as I didn't like McKey, she is top model material and she deserved to win. She's actually quite dorky and awkward but takes a stunning photograph. Her walk needs work as do her facial expressions.

That runway was nuts! I loved those coats and your right, Sara would as well!!