Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The T's Are Done

Three days 'til the art show.  My goal today was to finish the t-shirts and make labels and put them altogether.  Check!

Here they are.  I think they turned out pretty good.  There's only seven of them since it's an experiment of sorts.  If they sell well and I do this show again (which, right now I have such a bad attitude about it, I don't know if I will or won't) then next year I'll buy a larger amount in more sizes.  I think as it stands right now, anyone with a girl over 12 months is just out of luck.  I figure girls aren't huge t-shirt wearers anyway.

Now I have to frame one more piece and finish up some cards.

Still lots to do!



Jessica said...

Girls totally wear t-shirts!!
My favorite t-shirt when I was a little girl was a Superman one with the big S!!!
I really like your shirts, they are all very cool and if people don't snatch these up fast, they're crazy lame!!
Good luck with all of your work and way to go Obama!!!

äiti said...

Hey, these look awesome!! Good luck at the show :-)

sara said...

WHat, no Speed Racer?
I can't believe you're selling the hockey monkey.... I thought you made that one special for A. ;)

Julie_c said...

I did make it specially for A - but it's a good looking design on a gray shirt. I gotta spread the love, baby.

And I won't do Speed Racer b/c that's a licensed character. I could get in trouble for that. But Hockey Monkey is my own creation.

(I accidentally typed "Hickey" Monkey - that's a whole other monkey!)

kathy said...

Hi Julie,
Godd luck at your show this weekend
Aunt Kathy