Thursday, November 13, 2008

Who's in the Crapper?

We're down to four.  And despite the fact I'm not sure who I really want to win, I knew exactly who I wanted to go home.  I'd had enough of Marjorie!

There was a brief "lesson" where Paulina taught the girls how to model with toilet paper, fish, products - you know; selling + fierce = model!  It was uninteresting - but I did notice a lot of purple.  Purple must be in right now.

For the challenge, the girls had to do a sort of audition for a commercial.  The director broke down the storyline with illustrations.  A beautiful girl (the model) is jogging on the street.  A cab is driving by, slowly, with a hot guy in the back seat.  The guy and girl exchange glances - mini-flirt. The cab drives by, she catches up.  Mini-flirt again.  Then he gets out of the cab, the girl rushes up and kisses him, then she steals his cab and now it's his turn to chase her.  That was the story.  But when they had to do this, they did it in a room and the girls had to run on a treadmill while this male model, who looked like he might have been popular in Paulina's day, moved back and forth like he was in the cab.  And they acted the scene out that way.  Then the girl had to jump off the treadmill and kiss him.  It was WAY awkward.  

I thought AnnaLeigh did a really good job.  She was natural & alluring.  McKey and Sam were both fine.   Marjorie had a better attitude than she normally did, but she was still wicked nervous and twitchy and I was DYING watching her b/c it made me so uncomfortable.   

Then - pigs flew by outside my window - because they announced Marjorie the winner.  I guess she surprised them by being unpredictable.  I thought she sucked.  But she took AnnaLeigh on the prize shopping spree and they had a good time.  (I should add that my husband was in the room playing computer games on his laptop while I watched this show and he was adamant that Marjorie was a man. )

And also, because the hubby and I were chatting, I missed how and why the girls invited four guys over for a party.  How did they know these guys?  Where did they come from?  AnnaLeigh, McKey and Samantha don't drink - But MARJORIE DOES AND DID!  Oh, she got hammered.  She made out with one guy and then went into the hot tub with him.  He was in his boxers - because a gentleman always wears thin wet cotton boxers to maintain his modesty.  She stayed fully clothed as she got in.  AnnaLeigh was looking out for her and eventually told the guys that they had to go.  If Annaleigh hadn't been so responsible, we probably would have had some Cycle 2 regrettable sex, Shandi-style.  Then the cameras cut to an interview with Marjorie where she was like, "I knew I didn't have to be responsible because the other girls would take care of me."

So 1.) How old is Marjorie that she's getting so liquored up?  and 2.) It's okay to get liquored up and lose control of yourself and not have to take responsibility for your actions if one of your friends is sober?

What an idiot.  I've had enough of her.  She's either a nervous wreck or a slutty lush.  No thanks.

So now it was photo shoot time.  They were doing an anti-little Dutch girl look against a quaint windmill and field.  I thought the shots looked great.  I loved that photographer.  AnnaLeigh did some great jumping moves and McKey worked her back bend.  Mr. Jay was giddy as a little girl.  It took Sam a long time to get into it, but rocked her last 7 frames and Marjorie did ok.  Not great.  Just ok.

Cutting to the chase, the bottom two were Sam and Marj.  For a second I thought they might cut Sam and then I was going to be hugely upset.  But they didn't.  They gave Marjorie the boot.  You see, Marjorie had some wine before panel so she could calm down and she was a little too calm for the judges.  They missed her quirkiness.  And that's my main problem with this show.  They tell the girls to do one thing, then the girls do it, then they criticize the girls for either doing it too much, or doing it wrong.

For example, on one cycle there was a girl Ya-ya, who had a dancing background.  The judges felt like her shots were great but she looked more like a dancer than a model and told her to make it more ugly.  So, the next shoot, Ya-ya goes completely against her dancer instincts and does ugly moves.  Then they judges have the gall to say they thought she should have been more graceful and her dancer's training should have helped her on this shoot.  AHHHHHHH!

That's my Tyra pet peeve.  But I was glad that Marjorie is now GONE!  It's like Obama got elected all over again.  Woo-hoo!  (Sorry, Obama, for the comparison.)

Next week is the finale.


Jessica said...

Doh, I peaked on your blog yesterday before I watched the show last night, so it was no surprise that Marj got the Tyra boot.

I was happy! I was also gobsmacked that she won the challenge. I think Annaleigh should have won. I was glad that the prize was split fairly with her. Marj looked like such an idiot.

The guys were the boat drivers from the go sees. How the girls had their numbers I don't know, but I guess the show always has one wild night with smarmy guys and alcohol. Shandy, that was her name. The more Marj drank the more I thought about that girl Shandy. McKey really likes to wrestle. I wonder what her boyfriend thought about that?! Annaleigh was a good friend, I like her even more now.

So I think it will be McKey and Annaleigh in the final 2. Annaleigh was so sad when Marj left. No more girly bubble baths for her :(

Julie_c said...

I agree, Sam is next to go.