Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bubble Glass Magnets

At last, I'm getting back to some crafts!  It's been a while.

Good Housekeeping had a piece about jazzing up your home office and they featured these magnets.  So I HAD to make them ASAP!  (If you follow their link, they have a place to order all the supplies.)  I found this craft through How About Orange, which is a great blog for fun craft idea, BTW. 

Here's what you need.  Flat, clear bubble rocks. ( I think these are about 1 1/4" diameter - but they are irregularly shaped.) Glue (I used Diamond Glaze) Magnets (not pictured, but they were 1 1/4" rounds) and photographs.  It you just wanted some fun magnets and not necessarily photos of loved ones, you could use magazine pics.

But I did want pics of loved ones - mainly Magoo - so I printed up a sheet of them, all about 1 1/3" X 1 1/3 ".  Then I put the stones right up against the paper and cut around so each photo matched a particular stone.

Then I put the glue in a recycled lid and brushed it on the flat side of the stone.  I pressed the photo into the glue - and you have to really press it and smooth all the air bubbles out.

The Diamond Glaze dried pretty fast - so by the time I was finished glueing the photos on the rocks - I could start at the front of the line and glue the magnets to the backs of the photos.  Then I let them dry overnight.  In the morning ....

... I had cutie magnets!

This was a lot of fun and really pretty easy.  A great idea for a small hostess gift or stocking stuffer.


pahurley said...

Ooh, I'll take one! (or a few!) TOO CUTE!

Jessica said...

I have often thought about making some of these but it would require me running around to find the supplies. Ya, I'm kind of lazy that way!

I bet Magoo was super stoked to see himself on a magnet:)
Very cool!!

Julie_c said...

Jessica - I went to Michael's and was bummed that they didn't have what I need. So I just ordered them. Is it a pain to have things shipped to Canada?