Thursday, December 11, 2008

Busy Bee

Man - o - Man - it's been a busy week! There have been doctor's appointments, minor car issues, a lot of rain, two days at school for me (one was as library helper and another doing my Gingerbread Man puppet show) and I'm trying to really clean the house - like, actually put things in their proper place - kind of cleaning.

So I've been a little swamped.  Sorry this isn't a more exciting post.  I'll try to get all my issues sorted out this week and back to the fun for Monday.


Chicklebee said...

You lazy bumb! Get off your lazy butt and post something more substantial!!! What are doing!?!?! Sitting around watching your "stories" and eating bon-bons!?!?!?!

Jessica said...

A mama's work is never done!!
I can totally relate Julie, I've been trying to clean like a mad woman as well. All of these Christmas preparations take the fun away. I am falling behind in my blog postings as well.
Sara's just mad because she doesn't have enough reading material between the two of us to veg out in front of and eat chocolate!!

Julie_c said...

You know your sister well!