Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Afternoon

At about 10am, when all our presents were opened, toys played with, clothes tried on - we were ready to load up the car and drive up to Boston to Magoo's Aunt Pat's place.

Here's Magoo, tissue Christmas paper crown on his head, whipping around Pat and Tom's living room.  There wasn't all that much of this, but I like this shot.  It captures his energy.

One of the awesome toys Magoo got was this Hot Wheels truck that you load up with cars and planes and BLAST!  Pat has good floors for it too.

And here Magoo is playing with his Auntie Pat.

We left Boston around 5pm and normally Magoo would be awake for a trip that early, but he zonked out early on.  I sort of envied him that.  I love it when I fall asleep 30 minutes into a ride and wake up at the destination!  It's the best way to travel.

Here's a shot the following morning.  Magoo loves Strongbad.  So I made him an iron-on for a sweatshirt.  Here's Magoo giving a good StrongBad pose.

Maybe - and I'm not making any promises - but maybe I'll showcase some of my wonderful gifts tomorrow.  (I don't want to make any promises.  I might get super lazy.)

1 comment:

Jessica said...

Magoo is such a lucky guy to have a mother who makes really cool shirts! You are so hip Julie!!

That is such a great action shot and the paper crown really makes it extra special!

I'm glad you all had a wonderful day. Can't wait to hear about what Santa brought you!