Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Crafts

Every year I try to make an ornament or two for the tree.  Last year it was a clay sock monkey.
This year we did a couple of things.  

Here are some Shrinky Dink ornaments that Magoo drew.  The deal was, I would suggest a theme, then he could do one of anything he wanted.  So what we have here are (L to R):
Santa Claus (I suggested), train track (his idea), snowman (I suggested) and ...

Colorful snowballs that kill that guy.  (His idea.)  :)

This year I wanted to try some embroidery.  So I went online and found some examples and I liked the simple lines of the bird - so that's what I did.  The position of the eye makes it look a little snooty, like it's too good for this tree.  It's the snobby Christmas bird!

I also found a robot online and tried to make that too - or a variation of it.  Mine came out looking kinda silly.  But he seems so pleasant and happy to be here.  So I like him.

Michael thinks he looks fabulous.

And the final craft of late has been to make Magoo some arm warmers.  When he's out playing in the snow there is a gap between his coat sleeves and his mittens and I didn't want that skin to get frost bite, so I cut off some arms of an old sweater and stitched up some arm warmers.
He thinks they are pretty cool.

See, he's vogue-ing in the!  Very styling!

Tonight is Christmas Eve!  We are all very excited about Santa coming.  We wish you all a very Happy Holiday! 

 Be safe.  Be happy.


äiti said...

I love all your ornaments!!

I need to get us some shrinky dinks in '09.

Chicklebee said...

I love the bird ornament. Reminds me of the ones our Granny used to make us. And the Robot kicks ass!

Jessica said...

Ha, ha, I recognize that bird, because I to went on line looking for embroidered felt birds and came across it. I also made some for our tree. I will make a post about them.

Anyway, it looks beautiful as do all of your ornaments and the wrist warmers. I agree with Michael on the robot.

Merry Christmas, I hope Santa finds you all!!