Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Morning

Magoo actually woke up at about 6:30, which is when I was getting up to make the cinnamon buns.  Normally, I get up earlier then everyone and they stay sound asleep.  Not this morning.  But he was a very good boy and stayed in bed until I went up to get him.

Here he is with one of his first gifts, a Ben 10 Omnitrex.

I should say that the cinnamon buns did not really work out. The dough was extremely gooey.  I was supposed to be able to spread it out like a rectangle, sprinkle cinnamon over it, and then wrap it up like a jelly roll.  I don't think so.  I rolled it, but it was loose and even 30 minutes in the freezer didn't firm it up.   In the end I just spread the whole thing in a 8" baking dish and baked it.  It tasted fine, but it was none too attractive.

Java got her fair share of Christmas happiness.  Tissue paper to sit in and a string to play with.  
Here's her fierce face while she attacks.  Look at those claws!!!
After about an hour - all was opened and this is what the living room liked like.  Niiiice.

Santa brought Magoo some Bakugan Battle Bots and accessories, which he very much wanted.  Here's a little video of him opening the box.

There will be more Christmas pics tomorrow.  These are just the morning shots.  But we had a lovely Christmas morning and much love and thanks to those who sent gifts.


Chicklebee said...

That boy LOVES his Omnitrex. What a fun morning!

Jessica said...

I don't quite know what a Ben 10 Omnitrex is, but Magoo looks rather pleased!
I love the photo of all the paper mess, it always makes me feel better to see that other peoples homes can look like mine!
Merry Christmas!