Friday, December 12, 2008

Here Comes The Rain Again

It rained on Wednesday.  It rained on Thursday.  And OH BOY did it rain last night!  

I slept in Magoo's room because he has a nasty cough and the previous night I was back and forth between our rooms, like, six times - giving him sips of water and refilling his humidifier.  Last night I thought I'd make it easy on myself.  I slept on his bed while he camped out on the floor (which he loves to do - I'm not a bad mom!!!  :)

I heard my husband get up in the morning. I checked my little clock.  4:30 am.  Then I wondered why on earth he was up this early?  Normally he wakes at 6:45.  Then I wondered if the batteries went dead on my little clock - so I got up to check the clocks in the main bedroom.  4:30.  Then it hit me - he was checking to see if there was water in the basement.

If there's one thing my husband is super sensitive about - it's water in the basement.  

I didn't hear any cussing from down there so I went back to bed.  I figured all was well enough.

About ten minutes later he came into Magoo's room and told me that the water was coming into the well faster that the sump pump could remove it.  It was bail out time.

So I threw on a sweater and some boots and grabbed a couple buckets from the garage and Mike and I got to work cleaning out the well.  (It's not really a well.  It's that hole in your basement where the sump pump lives - but I don't know what that is called - so I'm going to stick with well.)  We made about fifteen trips up - throwing the water out the front door - then then rain let up and things settled down.  There were a few places where the water seeped up through the concrete - but nothing major.  We just mopped that up.

At 6am - things were safe again.  I went back to bed for an hour.     

So that was my morning.  I just dropped Magoo off at school and I have some mjor cleaning around the house to do.  Then I think I'll have some Butternut Squash soup and watch some reruns of LOST.


äiti said...

When it rains...

I hope Magoo's cough is getting better. And that you have a restful day after doing some cleaning!

Jessica said...

Beautiful, beautiful photo Julie!

Sounds like you had quite the night (or morning)! Take it easy!

We've had tons of rain for days as well and today the wind is blowing like stink. I am getting a little shack wacky!!

Julie_c said...

I didn't take the photo. My camera could never capture something like that. I just pulled it off of Google.

"Shaky Wacky" - I like that!:)

Natalie said...

I'm so sorry, Julie! I hope you were able to catch a nap between LOST episodes. Oy.