Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hot From the Oven: Blueberry Cake

This year, when I asked Magoo what he wanted for a special treat for his birthday, he said cake.  I asked him, "What kind of cake?" I'd just made a honey cake for Christmas and, quite frankly, didn't really want to make another one right away.  He said, "Blueberry cake."  Huh.  Okay.

So I went to the mighty, mighty internet and found a blueberry cake recipe that I could convert.  They used spelt flour, and I changed it to GF flour.  They already used agave, so that was good.  This is basically a breakfast cake and it was supposed to have a crumbly topping, but I decided to nix that.

The recipe said that the cake was really good served warm.

I made the batter around 4:30 and then set it aside because Magoo wanted fries for dinner.  So I made dinner and while we were eating I slid the blueberry cake in to bake.  Then, I figured, we could eat it warm out of the oven.

Magoo ate his dinner and unwrapped some gifts.  He played with his new Bakugan balls (Yes, he got more of those) and then the cake was ready.

I put the candles in and then went out to the living room to put a trivet down on the table.  When I came back the candles were drooping off to the side.  I figured I hadn't pushed them down enough and shoved them in a little further.  They held for a minute and drooped again.  Huh.

Then I pulled one out.

I think there's a reason that you don't normally serve a birthday cake warm.  For one thing, most people have to wait for it to cool so they can frost it.  Since that wasn't an issue for me, I forgot what the other reason was - so your candles don't melt in the cake!!!

See the bottom candle?  See the blue?  That's what they all looked like when I put them in the cake.  See the top candles?  That's what they looked like when I pulled them out.  The cake was too darn warm for the candles.  I was dying in laughter.  It hadn't even occurred to me that melted candles might be an issue!

So I gave the cake a few minutes to cool and then we tried again.  The cake was still a little too warm - but we hurried through the formalities and I stuck new candles into the already wax filled holes - so nothing new was damaged.

Here's the cake.  Michael, Magoo, and I all agree it was quite tasty, even without the topping.

Here's Magoo blowing out his candles.

You may wonder what he's wearing over his eyes.  We went to Target because he wanted to pick out a Bionicle for his birthday, but they were clean out of Bionicles, so he chose some night-vision spy glasses instead.

Super groovy!


Chicklebee said...

I wish you were my Mom. A trip to Target for spy glasses AND warm blueberry cake! Magoo is one lucky fellow! What a way to celebrate a birthday. And, I just can't believe he's six already!!! I think we were at his FIRST birthday - is that possible!?!?! Were they ever that little!
You win Mom of the Year!

Julie_c said...

Wow - I can't believe you just totally slammed your Mom like that. :) You know Martha would make you a blueberry cake if you asked her.

And I think you're right. I think you guys were at his first birthday. They grow pretty darn quickly!

äiti said...

Looks like a great time! I've been spending much less time no the computer and am just seeing this.

Happy belated Birth Day to you all.

See you soon!