Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Sunday we got a little snow.  And OH how excited was Magoo!  We had to put on our coats and go outside and try to catch snowflakes (well, sleet) on our tongues.  Actually, I didn't.  I just had a camera in his face the whole time.  If he goes on to be a movie star heart throb, he's going to be well trained in the art of handling paparazzi.

Then hubby - who's equally excited about snow - got into a snowball fight with Magoo.  Of course, more than a couple snowballs were hurled in my direction.  While I was defenseless - I might add!

Then we went inside and decorated the tree.  I know - it's up early.  We pull that puppy out right after Thanksgiving.  Magoo's birthday is December 30th - so it's important - to me - to have a great Christmas and then - separately - have a great birthday.  I don't want them to mix.  So we get the tree up and then take it down on the 27th or 28th.  

And yes, it's a fake tree.  And I love it!

Magoo had a grand time putting the decorations on.  Each year he's more and more helpful and it's more and more fun.

One final pose for the Momma.

Hope you all are getting into the holiday spirit as well.


äiti said...

We have a fake tree too!

OMG in the last shot he looks like a a good way :-)

I'll take the lovely mid-60s we're enjoying here today...knowing that we'll have our winter once we get back :-)

Jessica said...

I find it early for a tree, but I can understand why you do it. Poor Sara has it lumped all together as well :(
When we were growing up the tree never went up till Christmas eve. That was one of out traditions. Now our dad gives us heck when he finds out we put it up earlier.

Has Magoo written his letter to Santa yet?

Julie_c said...

He has started a letter to Santa. He asked for a Bionicle (it's a robot thing) and Superman cards.
So I have to go out and find some Superman cards.