Monday, December 15, 2008

A Little Felt Teddy Bear

I got the instructions for this little friend, via How About Orange, here.  I didn't make it right away though.  I just stored the idea away in the ol' noggin.

Then I read this post from my friend Jessica's blog.  She expressed frustration re: crap toys from China or those contaminated with lead, etc.  And BOOM the motivation hit me and I had to make a little teddy for her daughter Frannie right. that. minute.  That's how motivation often hits me.  (It also helped to know that her sister was sending her a care package in a couple days so I could sneak it in.)

And that's what I did.  It's a cute little bear.  It only took an hour to make and I did most of it on the couch watching TV.  I think it would make a nice gift topper on the present for a baby shower of something.  I'll be keeping it in mind.

By the way - those of you who know my friend Staci - on December 13th, she had a lovely baby boy, Phineas Noah (to be called Finn).  I don't have the stats on me right now, but I believe she said he was 7lbs, 8 oz and that kid came 2 weeks early.  He wanted to be home for Christmas.  Mother and Baby are doing just fine.  Congrats Staci!!!

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Jessica said...

Really!! Ooh, Franny is going to LOVE that bear!! She has a fondness for bears. We will act surprised when the parcel arrives!!

Congratulations to your friend! Thank goodness for her that he came early. Phineas is such a great name. I keep telling Josh that if we ever had a boy I wanted a Finn. Maybe short for Finley.