Monday, December 22, 2008

Solstice Party

Friday night it was snowing, snowing, snowing.  I had been in the house all day long - Magoo too - getting ready for the Solstice Party.  If friends had been coming from out of town, I would have cancelled.  But the guest list included folks that lived real close, so most of them hoofed it.  Getting all the coats, snowpants, mits, etc. off was quite the production.  :)

I took a few pics of the living room full of guests, but none of them turned out well, so I'll just move right along to the food.

Here's the buffet table:

It was a nibbly party, so there was no "main dish" - just a lot of things to munch on.  Starting at the top left hand corner and moving clockwise, we have Sara's turkey meatballs with dipping sauces,  oreo truffles, GF black bean brownies, bruschetta (reg and GF),  double baked mini potatoes and some lovely olives.

And here's an asparagus tart I made. (A Martha Stewart recipe.)  Isn't it good looking!?

Here's my good buddy and hostess supreme in her own right, Sara, helping to present the potatoes.
We adults has a Yankee Swap in the living room.  I did a little puppet "show" for the kids in the playroom.  I made an elf puppet and had the kids approach the puppet theater one by one.  I gave them a fishing pole and they had to say, "Little Elfie, look and see.  Do you have a gift for me?"  Then they'd lower the pole down and pull out a gift.

For the most part, this was successful, although wrangling all the kids was a bit of a challenge.  But they did wait patiently for all the gifts to be given before opening them.  The gifts were all glow-in-the-dark necklaces.  The kids basically went nuts in the play room and tore the room apart, but they played well together and they let their parents have some fun without needing too much attention.  

I call that a successful party!

Thanks to those who came.  I had a great time and was glad you could join us!


Jessica said...

Ooh, I'm getting rather hungry reading your post today. The spread looks delectable and there is that beautiful table cloth again! You are so lucky to have such a lovely hostess.

I'm glad you all had a great time and the snow didn't hamper the fun!

Happy Solstice!!

Chicklebee said...

It was one of the best parties I've ever been to! The people were awesome and the food was incredible. That tart was out of this world! And I couldn't stop eating the oreo balls....

Julie_c said...

I didn't know you were nibbling on the Oreo Truffles. I would have saved you some!

Chicklebee said...

After you put them in front of me in the living room, I was cramming those puppies into my mouth so fast, you couldn't even see it!

Julie_c said...