Monday, December 8, 2008

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Yesterday I took Magoo to see a little performance of The Three Little Pigs done at our library by the Connecticut Children's Opera - or some such organization.  Best opera I've ever seen!  (That's a joke for Sara who sometimes gets opera tickets and takes me along to culture me up some.  But the operas haven't been very good.)  The pic above is not from the show we saw.  I didn't bring my camera.  But it was kinda like this - just so you get an idea.

So we went into the back room of the library and I sat in the front row of chairs while Magoo found a place n the front row of the floor.  The play started well enough.  Magoo sat and watched.  He seemed interested.  The two sillier pigs were discussing how they were going to build their houses from straw and sticks.  One teeny piece of straw fell on the floor.  Magoo crawled across the stage and picked it up and handed it to the pig.  "Here you go, Man," Magoo said.

He crawled back.  He got a mild group laugh from that one.  I wondered if the harsh librarian was going to kick us out.

Magoo sat and watched the show again.  Then, at one point, the smart pig pondered what she should build her house out of.  This was a talking part of the play(as opposed to a song) so it was quiet when Magoo shot a finger in the air and said, "Maybe you could build your house out of bricks?"  Big laugh.

Oh man.  You should have seen my face.  Yes, it was funny.  But I was so worried that this group reaction - which thrilled him - would feed the little comedian inside and he'd be making wise cracks throughout the whole show.  There were three rows of kids between Magoo and myself - so I couldn't really grab him or anything.  But he kept looking back at me after then, to see if he was doing a good job.  So we communicated with thumbs up and the shush and watch hand signals from then on.

But he didn't jump on the stage and start dancing or anything - so it all went well enough.  He even asked a good question at the end of the show that proved he was paying attention.

All in all - I think we both had a good time.


Chicklebee said...

I wish we could have gone. I love their operas (we've seen Pinocchio). They're ALWAYS better than the main stage productions. I'm glad Magoo liked it too ;)

Jessica said...

That Magoo sounds like such a character. I think he is finding his true calling!

I wish we had that kind of culturing here. We went to a puppet show at our library last week, but it's always funner when there is singing involved!

Julie_c said...

Funner - indeed!