Wednesday, January 14, 2009

2009 The Year of the Bead

Last year I was all about the tote bag.  I made tote bags galore.  I even learned to embroider so I could enhance my tote bags.  Almost everyone I knew got a tote bag - unless I thought you wouldn't enjoy one.  (Sara, I'm talking about you.  You never struck me as a tote bag kind of gal.  But if you want one, you should let me know.)

THIS year, I wanted to make some jewelry.

It always seemed to me that beaded jewelry - for the most part - wouldn't be that difficult to make.  You just had to find good beads and put nice colors together.  Of course, you could get really complicated stuff - but that's not really my taste.  I like simpler things.  So I'm giving it a go.

I got a g-cert to Jo-Ann's so I started there.  I entered the magical world of beads and threw anything I liked into my basket.  I'm sure I ended up with about $100 worth of stuff, but I only had $20 on my g-cert, so I started putting things back.

I won't lie - it was a little overwhelming.  And I wasn't that prepared.  I didn't know what basic supplies I would really need.  My beading book, Bead Simple, hadn't yet arrived.

But I got these blue ceramic beads - which I LOVED and some other things that I thought would work with it.

And here's my first pair of earrings in 2009 ...  

(I'm also loving on the macro lense in my new camera.  It let's me take super close-ups.  I could have never got this shot with my older Canon.)

It's simple - but I love it.  And here's my ear, modeling it.

Now I'm on a mission to go through all my old jewelry and take things apart - reuse beads from single earrings that have lost their mate.  Unstring beads that I don't wear.  Make use of what I've already got.  

And if you've got a birthday coming up - I hope you like jewelry.


äiti said...

Sounds like fun!

Jessica said...

Beautiful earrings Julie! I love the pattern on that large bead.

I know what you mean about being overwhelmed. I always feel that way whenever I enter a bead shop. I always have a small list of supplies but end up walking out with far more then I'd ever need!

Can't wait to see what other bead creations you cook up!

Chicklebee said...

Yup! There are SO MANY beautiful beads. I start out going in to get beads for one project, but come out with way more than I need for others. Then, once I'm home, I can't remember what I was going to use them all for!

Why don't you come over for tea some afternoon when Andrew's napping and we can bead together. I need to get back into it. And you can play with some of the supplies I have. (I also need to finish a knitting project.... so close, I promise!)