Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bowling Night and the End of the Car Fiasco

Saturday night, our neighbors invited Magoo and I to join them for bowling.  (Hubby was invited to, but he had a cold and used the time to rest.)  I'm always up for some bowling with friends, so I said, "Heck yeah!"

I'm a stinky bowler.  Let's just get that right out in the open.  I blow.  But I have fun.  And at least I can roll the ball.  Magoo is a chucker.  He chucks the ball.  I think every single time he went up, I said, "Try to roll it, honey.  Okay?  Roll it."  

I think he rolled it once.

See his posture above?  He's up off the ground.  Now imagine a dotted white line arching from his hand to the ball.  That was the path of it.  BLAMO!  But no employee of the bowling alley ever approached us, so I just tried to coach him as best I could and cringed at the impact - again and again.

Here Magoo is with our neighbor, J.  Magoo loves J.  J is awesome.

And here he is with me.  I'm wearing Mike's bowling shirt.  The husband suggested I wear it as a way of branding myself.  "Back off, guys.  I'm taken!"  Because that's where I go to pick up my boyfriends on the side - I hit the Hartford Bowl-a-rama.  Studs galore!

It was a very fun evening.  My neighbors all won.  But seriously, these people bring their own bowling shoes.  They're practiced.  Magoo even beat my by one pin!!!  

Now, onto the car.

One of my friends sent me an email reminding me that I never followed up on the car.  I got the car back on the Saturday morning pre-Christmas.  (This was after dropping it off Tuesday morning.  That was a bad week to be without wheels.  My excellent friend, Sara, lent me hers for a morning though.  Thanks again. )  Anyway - the major problem had been the distributor.  So they put a new one of those in.  They also replaced the spark plugs and some filters and tuned the whole baby up.  It came to eight hundred some dollars.  Yowza!  Still, it drives great now and I don't have a heart attack every time I get close to an intersection.

Guess we're not going to Disney World this year, Magoo!  Sorry!


äiti said...

Fun, fun---I love bowling!

Thanks for the car update. Our car is at that pint, too. Repairs/tune ups run over $500 when needed.

Our Subaru is a 2000 with about 140k on it. And we need it to keep going for as long as it possibly can...

Jessica said...

Surely you can't stink that much!? You just need to bowl more often. Watch out for Sara, she's a shark!
I am like Magoo, a chucker, but I make out pretty well. I love bowling. Before Frances, Josh and I would go with friends fairly often.
There is something kind of icky with the thought of finding romance at the bowling ally, but it's good of Mike to safely mark you :)

I'm glad to hear your car is healthy again!