Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Cloth Book of Colors

My dear friend Staci gave birth to a little son on December 13th.  At that time, I was mostly finished with the cloth book I was making for him.  But the holidays took over and it got put aside.

Earlier this week I made myself a list of all the things I should be working on and this was at the top of it.  Finish the baby book.  Yesterday, I did.

I used felt for the main bodies of the color subject.  At first I was using fabric and ironing over the edges - PAIN IN THE BUTT!  So then I switched over to felt.  Much easier.  Then I embroidered the rest.

Here's the yellow sun.

I got the white fabric from a table cloth I bought at a yard sale and had the yellow cover fabric on hand.  I have SO MUCH fabric in the basement that I really shouldn't have to go to the fabric store for eons - but that doesn't mean that I won't.  Still, I'm trying very hard to use what I already have.  And I had everything I needed for this project at home.

I sewed a piece of felt into each page for a little bulk.  The thing could actually make a nice little pillow!  I will ship it off this week and hopefully the baby will grow to like it.  Maybe his big sister will enjoy it in the meantime.

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Jessica said...

That's a great book, I love it, nice work!!
I agree with you on the felt/fabric issue. I am currently having a love affair with felt.