Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Homemade Card Game

Magoo got some different cards games this Christmas.  One was Bakugan.  And basically, what you do is lay out some metal cards on the floor and roll this marble/robots over them and the metal in the cards triggers a magnetic reaction in the marbles and they pop open.  Then you have to do math.  For the most part, Magoo just likes to throw the marbles and have them pop open.

He also got some Yugi-O-something-or-other cards and there are no fun marble/robots there.  Just math.  It is a wee bit complicated and neither the hubby or I really know how to play so I suggested to Magoo that we make our own game cards and he went for it.

Basically, it's like War.  Each player gets a stack of cards that fight each other.  Whoever has the highest power number wins the other card.  I figured it would help Magoo with higher/lower numbers.

Here are some of Magoo's designs:
CAMGHOST - shoots lasers from his eyes.
Mr. CLEARY - he doesn't get fog in his eyes so he always sees clearly.  He's not too powerful.
GHOST MONSTER - he shoots diamonds.  Ouch - but - yea!

Here's a batch, one from each of us:

Mr. BITEY from Magoo: can shoot goo stuff, purple stuff and fire stuff.  Oddly enough, he
                   doesn't seem to have teeth.
FAT CAT from Mike:  has a high annoying power and will eat anything in front of it
ZEROX from me: can copy himself to outnumber his enemy, then reabsorb the clones

Magoo's are the best - of course.


Jessica said...

Julie, you are the coolest mom! You never cease to amaze me with your fun, creative and imaginative ways to help Magoo learn. It's really great that you do all of these fun things with him. Because he has put the work into making these I bet he's really keen to play with them. You are so cleaver!!

I might have to borrow some of your ideas when Franny gets a little older!

äiti said...

Fun stuff! Do you cut your own cards from larger sheets of stock or use pre-cut ATCs (artist trading cards)?

Julie_c said...

Aiti- I just cut down some pieces of card stock. I always have a TON of card stock around.

And thanks, Jessica, steal, steal away!

Chicklebee said...

It's a lot of fun to play.... except when Julie rigs that game.... (cheater!!!)

Julie_c said...

I got a lucky hand! I swear!