Thursday, January 15, 2009

Images of Play

Many people who know me also know that my cat drives me crazy.  I complain about her often, as does my husband.  I think the reason I whine so much about Java kitty is that I am often surprised at how much my cat gets under my skin.  You see, I'm a life-long cat lover.  We have had cats for a long, long time.  My first cat, Norris, was the best cat ever.  Hands down.  I love cats!  I do.  But Java - well, Java is a piece of work.

But for those out there that think that all I do is scold her, I present photographic evidence of me playing with me cat.

So I'm not a 100% heartless shrew when it comes to my pet. Just 99%.

But onto more play...

My friend, Jessica, came over with her two kids yesterday.  Her youngest is a wee little guy, only - hmmm - 6-7 months old.  Magoo just LOVED making him laugh. 

He even got to hold the baby - although I don't think either one of the was super comfortable with that.  

When Jessica and the kids left, Magoo said, "He's going to miss me."


Chicklebee said...

Gosh darnit... that Magoo is one good lookin' kid! So photogenic!!! And that dimple.... the girls are going to be CRAZY for him!

äiti said...

Magoo said, "He's going to miss me."

Mmmm. So yummy I want to eat him up.

Jessica said...

So sweet! That middle one gets me :)
Does he ever ask you for one? Why don't you send him up here to amuse Frances!!

Your cat sounds like ours. They tend to drive us a little crazy sometimes, but we still love them. Once you've had the best cat ever the rest pale in comparison!

Julie_c said...

I think Sara wants me to badger you into coming down. Then Cam, Than, and Andrew can all take turns amusing Frances.

And no, he never asks for a baby brother or sister - thank goodness.