Saturday, January 10, 2009

Magoo's Birthday Bash

Because Magoo's birthday is right on the rump of Christmas, we usually wait a week or two to have his family party.  Here's Magoo posing for his birthday crown shot.  This is the crown I made him last year and there are five beads on it because he was turning five, of course.  I didn't really think he'd care about that so I just whipped the thing out.  But later he did request that a sixth bead be added so I pulled out the bead box and made that correction.  

One of his gifts was a membership in the Lego Brickmaster club.  Every two months Magoo will get a Lego magazine and a kit in the mail.  He got the first one yesterday and here he is with his Aunt Pam checking it out.  He loved that magazine!
After some of his buddies came, it was time for cake.  I made a pineapple-coconut cake (just like the muffins but I baked it for 35 minutes in an 8X8" pan.)  We also had coconut ice-cream and I made an ice cream pie especially for my brother-in-law, Tom, who couldn't come due to weather.  (Don't worry Tom, it was enjoyed for you.) 

On the dining room wall I hung photos of Magoo from age 1 to 6 - to see how he has grown.

After we all got good and sugared up, we decided to break out the karaoke machine!  David started thing off with Bye, Bye Love, and Magoo was his dancing boy.  

Then all the boys had to get involved.  Magoo did an improvised version of Smashmouth's All-Star.

Here's a short clip.  By the time I whipped out the video camera, Magoo was nearly done and exhibited much less energy then he had at the beginning of the song.  That's right - this is LOW energy.

We had such a fun time.  Magoo appreciated all the gifts and having so many people he loved all together.  Thanks to all who came and shared this day with us.  And thanks to all those who couldn't join us, but sent their love.


Chicklebee said...

So touched that we could be part of the "real" birthday celebrations.... for the SIXTH year!?!??!

I loved the photos on the wall. I remember his second birthday (with the Elmo balloon). He was so little!

The ice cream cake was great, the pineapple cake was awesome.... and the coconut ice cream ROCKED!!! (as usual!)
Thanks so much!

äiti said...

I love the photos on the wall representing each year. Sounds like a very thought-full celebration. You inspire me.

Jessica said...

Aw, what a beautiful photo of Magoo in his birthday crown! I remember meeting him when he must have been about one and a half, because Than was two at the time. I can't believe he's six now!!
Looks like you throw a fun party!

Again, Happy Birthday Magoo!!

Shelley said...

He is too cute! Happy birthday to Magoo!