Monday, January 12, 2009

New Boots! New Boots!

One of the things I wanted for Christmas was new boots.  I wasn't looking for study snow shoveling boots.  I have a pair of those.  I was more in the market for something functional, yet stylish, that I could wear out shopping or to pick Magoo up from school.

I had seen a lot of women in these pull up woolen pairs that look sorta like their Scandinavian or something.  Sometimes they had a faux fur top.  I liked 'em.  

But when I went to Marshall's with my Xmas gift card (thanks, Michael) I couldn't find a pair I liked in my size.  Oh, I found pairs I liked - in size 6, size 12, size 5.  No 8 1/2 or 9's.  Boo.  I worried that the season was over and my new boots would have to wait.

Yesterday I was in the neighborhood and I had my gift card on me - so I figured I'd pop in quickly and snoop around the boots.  There were a few new pairs but nothing for me.  Until - on the last shelf - hidden among a bunch of black high heel boots - I found one of these.  AH AH AH!

I looked at the bottom - 8 1/2!!!

I looked around for it's mate - and I found it!!!!!!!!

And guess what?  They felt great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I bought them.
They might not be quite as function as I had originally wanted.  But I like 'em.  And I have $10 left on the gift card to boot!

These boots were made for walkin'!


äiti said...

Very nice.

When I saw the title of the post, I had a quick-as-a-flash thought: "oh I hope these are boots for Julie and not Magoo"...and they were for you! Yay!

It's great to find something you love that is a bit unexpected.

And, it can never be said enough, *really* great to find the mate of the boot/shoe/etc., in your size, when shopping at Marshalls or TJ Maxx :-)

Chicklebee said...

Ooooo!!!! Julie has new boots!!! They're awesome! I LOVE them!

Jessica said...

Woo, Hot Mama!!
Those are very cool. I love the strap with the buckle and the fact there is a zipper so you don't have to lace them all up when you put them on!!

Michael is going to have to make you wear his bowling shirt when you pick Magoo up from school ;)