Friday, January 30, 2009

Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time

Today, at school, they are having a party to celebrate the December and January birthdays.  Whatever treat they give them, Magoo can't have it.  So yesterday, I decided to make a cake.  My main goal was to NOT go to the grocery store because the roads were so darn icy.  So I found a recipe I had cut out but not yet made and tried it.  

This recipe was from the back of a Tapioca Flour box, so it called for a ton of tapioca flour.  It also called for two sticks of shortening.  Fortunately, I had these things.  What I didn't have was an angel food cake pan.  I only bake in ceramic (not from China), Pyrex or stainless steel.  I got rid of my aluminum angel food cake pan awhile ago.  I thought I could fudge it with one of my ceramics and a glass bottle in the middle.  I put water in the glass, too, because I thought I read somewhere that you should do that.  Although I can't think of where I would have read such a thing?!

So now I had a make-shift angel food pan.

I follow the directions.  The batter seemed a little thick - but OK.  It was a new recipe.  I baked it for 35 minutes.

The top was nice and golden, but the toothpick came out gooey.  Seven more minutes.


Five more minutes.  Gooey.

Five more minutes.  Gooey.  But this time I decided to remove the bottle in the middle and check it out.  Oh yeah - major gooey.

I think I baked it twelve minutes after that.  Then I took the picture (above.)  Pretty, huh?  You just want to smack that photo right on the cover of Good Housekeeping - don't ya!

After it cooled, it took some doing to get it out.  But at this point all I needed was one piece of cake to send to school - it didn't have to look pretty.  I pried it out in pieces and cut all the overbaked stuff away.  (It wasn't really burnt - but it was kind of leathery.)  In the end it was acceptable.  Edible.  OK.

I served it to Magoo after dinner to see if he would eat it.  He said it was good.  It wasn't good.  But it was good enough.

So, I sent it in.  Happy Birthday!

Mike had a couple slices.  I think because we have so little sugar in our diet - the sweetness of it is nice.  The texture is too spongy.  But it's alright.  If you have regular diets - you would not be reaching for a second slice of this cake.  You wouldn't even finish your first.  But it's not going to be made again.  

Why was it so darn bad?  Part of it was the pan.  It didn't bake right in my half-assed pan but I also think it wasn't the best recipe.  

50% my fault.  50% theirs.

But it was kinda funny.


ang said...

Ha! I'm back.
Well at least the cake didn't explode all over your oven like that crazed honeycake did in mine.

äiti said...

I love your can-do spirit.