Friday, January 2, 2009

Snowy Day

Snow fell on Wednesday.  I should have taken Magoo sledding on Thursday, but I was just too wiped out.  So this Friday morning, we met up with some friends and hit the hills.

There were five buddies total, but I know how group photos with boys go.  We had four ready on the tree trunk and one at the bottom of the hill having mitten difficulties.  It was a now or never situation so I worked with what I had.  Sorry G.

Here's one of the many sled races that took place.  Magoo didn't want to sled as much, preferring to be the "go-er", as he put it.  He wanted to stand at the top and say, "Ready, set, go!"

But he did play in the snow plenty.  Here he is making snow angels.  I love shots like these when the smile is natural and you can see his blue eyes.

And here's Magoo and his buddy, O, bringing the runner sled back up the hill.  This, to me, is the best shot of the day.  There's just something about the mood - the boys being so serious about their play - that I love.

It was a great morning - not too cold - and all the parents had a great time too.  A perfect winter morning.


Chicklebee said...

What a perfect morning. This is one of those fun winter days that I will look back on in many many years with great fondness (and longing). sigh. Thanks for capturing it so perfectly.

Jessica said...

Looks like all the boys had a fun day. I bet they all slept well that night!