Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Toothless Magoo

Last night, while Magoo was in his bath and I was at the computer, I heard him call to me, "Mom!"

I didn't think there was danger, but there was urgency in his voice, so I hurried.  When I opened the door he said, "My tooth came out!" And he held the tiniest little tooth in his hand.  His first fallen tooth.

Of course, I was so excited I had to rush right out and get my camera!

Here it is.  Don't you just love that macro lens!

I love that teeth are wiggly for awhile before they come out.  That gave me time to stitch up a good tooth fairy pillow.  I had one as a child, but I can't remember what it looked like.  But here is Magoo putting his tooth - wrapped in plastic wrap - in the main pocket of his.

When he woke up this morning - at 6:50 on a snow day, thanks! - he came into my room with the pillow.  "The tooth fairy didn't come," he said.  I'm thinking, Crud, did the dollar fall out? But no, it was a misunderstanding.  He thought the Tooth Fairy was going to bring him a big tooth to pop back into his mouth.  When he understood, he was quite happy with the money.

Now I get to enjoy his gap toothed smile and marvel at how big he is!


Chicklebee said...

I didn't realize he had a loose tooth! Way to go Magoo! Do you remember when that little tooth came in?

Beeny said...

Seems like just yesterday when Magoo had the no window seat at Staci's wedding. Now a lost tooth? Indeed, he's a marvel! (So's the pillow. Cool.)

Jessica said...

Wow, so exciting for Magoo!
The first of his last babyness to disappear :( But now he gets to make some cashola! That's too funny he thought the Fairy brought a replacement.

cynjay said...

Totally cute! There is a fabulous PB in there - get on it!

Wait until they lose the top two at the same time. Lots o' photos!